Blank Slate | Coffee + Kitchen

It’s very apparent that as the fast casual industry and fancy delivery services keep increasing, but we are nowhere short on the Omakase-only or tasting menu restaurants exploding either. I find that sometimes when I just want something healthy, casual, and affordable, all I can think of is Whole Foods or some of those chains that offer easy lunches, but what about a reliable dinner? I mean, I’m sure not going to Dig Inn for dinner counts because it’s just not an exciting reward at the end of the day (it doesn’t count). Ya hear me? Blank Slate is now the immediate answer among those other restaurants like Butcher’s Daughter, Egg Shop, By Chloe. Blank Slate offers cute, counter service with a chef driven menu that erases your memory of every ordering while standing up. Located just north of Madison Square Park, it’s a perfect spot to pick up or stop by for a lunch meeting as it’s quick, and the sandwiches and salads cost around $11 a pop which is pretty standard. However, this menu is better than anything you could ever create yourself elsewhere.

The Turkey Sandwich with Balsamic Butternut Squash, Cranberry Goat Cheese and Sautéed Kale on Tom Cat Bakery Seven Grain Bread is the most reliable sandy I’ve ever had. Sweet and savory all in one, this guy is mighty trusty. You’ll crave it once a week, and although it might sound like Thanksgiving, it’s not as heavy as you might think. It’s for everyday dining, straight up delicious, and just a dressed-up turkey sandwich. I also love the Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad with Skinny Steak. First of all, the name skinny steak is hilarious, and I’m unclear why it is not called that at more places. Why not have some comedy in your dining life? Anyway, the salad is diligently chopped, and you can see the tender love and care that when into each Brussels sprouts leaf. The dressing is light, appropriately distributed and extremely filling. Call this salad a meal right there.

Skinny Steak Blank Slate Chopped Salad
After you’ve juiced your body up with all these greens and vegetables, there is no better way to end this meal by taking down that S’mores Dip with graham crackers. Delivered in a skillet, the way it should be, a heaping bowl of melted chocolate arrives with a layer of bubbling marshmallows that may or may not stick to your mouth if you get aggressive with it. Dive those graham crackers right in, and you have yourself some addicting chocolate dip. If you want to skip this, at least get the hot chocolate. It’s comforting, not too rich, and lovely. Blank Slate all day everyday for breakfast scrambles, sandwiches, salads, and a place to call your second kitchen.

Blank Slate Café might be more of a take out place for you, but it is just as easily a place to sit down in the morning for breakfast or take that break you never acquire during lunch for a little rest. The food is truly on par and I wouldn’t be surprised if they knocked out some deli’s along the way because you’ll never want to go to one of those again. Everything is homemade daily and you can taste it in the vegetables. No packaged lettuce or mass making here. Blank Slate Café will change the way you think about daily lunches, and it will sooth you at dinner time when you can just swing by and relax. Now go get that turkey sandwich and s’mores dip!

S’mores Dip