Egg Shop

Eggs all day ‘erraday. What more could an obsessive, New York bruncher ask for? Well, located in Nolita, it automatically releases some trendy buzz. It’s almost like the new Jack’s Wife Freda. The crowd attracts artsy, fashionable couture as well as the health-conscious and indulgent eater (I’m looking at you Fried Chicken Egg Salad Sandwich orderers). The clean cut and retro colored outlined chairs create a fresh space. While the room is the size of your apartment, there is a small counter that separates the kitchen from the tables creating enough distance. However, the tiny space means there are less tables which calls for a long wait time during prime breakfast hours. Go alone or with one other friend around 2 p.m. and you can snag seats at the bar or a two-top in about 3o minutes.

What’s enticing about Egg Shop is the extremely friendly menu. Everything you could possibly think of is available and they even have a cute little Custom Egg Box that encompasses any extra combinations that you can mix and match yourself with categories such as: Egg, Cheese, Bread and Sauces from Chipotle Bourbon Ketchup to Caramelized Onion Aioli. As much as I wanted to make my own Biscuit Egg Sandwich with Tomato Jam I stuck with the main menu which is divided into Sandwiches and Bowls. The Spandex with Poached Egg, Miso Quinoa Farm Greens, Avocado and Pickled Carrot has a zing to it. The texture medley is on point. You are on a roll here with protein, grain and veggies all in one bowl. The egg white lover in me had to try the Scrambler made with scallions, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. Unfortunately, this blew me back into the water instead of out as it was soggy, damp and almost floating in some watery compote. Maybe the regular eggs would have been the right choice?

Other options include: Avocado Smash Egg Toast, Steak and Egg Sandy, The Beast which is Pulled Pork Carnitas with Sunny Up situation or the Pepper Boy which is a soft scramble, gruyere, bell pepper, maple cured pepper bacon, caramelized onion aioli in a bell pepper or on a panini roll. Dinner is a different story offering sensible evening options that still stay on brand. Fried Chicken Bucket, Poached Burrata on Truffled Toast, Burger with a Sunny Up and an Egg Shop Bibimbap interpretation. You can’t DIY your own eggs/sandwiches at night, but you can order French Toast and the Salty Caramel Bacon Bread Pudding.

The apple of my eye, however, (which isn’t shocking) is the Buttermilk Biscuit with Honey Butter. This hunk of circular “carb-age” is the best new biscuit in town by far. The sea salt coating is perfect. It’s buttery, fluffy, flaky, doughy and crunchy on the outside all at the same time. I would protect this baby with all of my might if I had to. Get it. Even if you “aren’t in the mood” -whatever that means. You will at least pick on it, and then consequently polish it off, or you aren’t human. Egg Shop is going to be around for a while, but make sure you go sooner than later as you will want to make it a weekly staple mornin’, noon or night.