Tacombi Bleecker Street

Does everyone know how amazing the Mexican food is at Tacombi? No, but really? What once started out as a taco shop in Nolita with that cute little taco truck inside and paper menus have really stuck. It’s exactly what Mexican food should be: cheap for the most part , handmade tortillas, seasoned and flavorful meats with enough to fill the taco so that you aren’t just eating bites of tortilla, and the perfect chips. Not to mention, each location with the newest being Bleecker in the West Village molds and fits within each neighborhood. Flatiron’s Café el President feels a bit more serious than the others which makes sense for the after work crowd with Nolita being a little dark, yet still trendy $4-$7 tacos. As a Texan, I will say the breakfast tacos served here call my name at any time of day. Dinner? Yes, I want it, and the take-out for this particular taco which can be greasy and drippy fails both of those tests! Don’t know how they make it so delicious without it but it’s really reliable and the eggs are fluffier and cooked with more tender loving than at some taco shops in Austin.


Back to Bleecker Street. Their ceviche window is ideal for summer. Picture it now, you’re walking down Bleecker deciding on if you want Grom gelato or something else to cool you off and you see this ceviche bar to-go. You’re instantly in Mexico and eating a perfect sized to-go cup of fresh fish with avocado and cucumber pico de gallo. While you are at it grab a Horchata or other fresh Watermelon Juice. If you want to sit down, which I insist that you should, you’ll feel the delight of the space and bright colors seeping in and creating pure bliss. It’s a casual yet awesome taco spot where you can grab some cocktails and some chips and guac in the middle of the day or for a proper meal. No frills, nothing serious, just good food and a place to be.

IMG_1637Esquite and Ceviche
Beware of those chips. They are thick, crispy, and super salty which means your hands do not stop reaching. The guacamole is smooth and chunky at the same time. Whatever you do even if you are trying to go easy on the carbs and want to skip the chips, you must get the cup of corn! How can anyone say no to the cutest cup of corn anyway? Served with a spoon, the layers included a special chipotle mayo, cotija cheese, and the best corn you’ve ever had. It might look like a pot of gold, and it sure tastes like one, too. My favorite taco is definitely the Barbacoa Taco which is roasted black angus beef. Topped with some avocado crema and diced onions, it’ melts in your mouth and gets the job done. If you’re looking for the best chicken taco, stick to Empellon Al Pastor. The chicken is a bit more flavorful there.

The best thing about places like this Tacombi are you can literally come here for anything. Whether you are looking for a snack, a refreshing drink, some fresh ceviche, or even just a taco for the road between your Tinder dates, Tacombi has your back. I’d like to thank Tacombi for reinvigorating my taco appetite this spring and creating a new addiction that I really didn’t need to find.