Marco Canora’s Hearth blew up last year when chef introduced bone broth. The bone broth craze stumped me as I thought isn’t this something we’ve been eating for years? However, that small window he opened that sells plenty of cups of these a day was a smart business move in my opinion to increase sales during the day when the restaurant isn’t even open for lunch. A few months later, Marco kept running with the health kick and fully overhauled his menu at Hearth ridding the options of heavy sauces and extra fatty dishes without losing his cooking style and true flavors. I love how the menu is now organized into sections such as: Broth, Grains, Fish, Vegetables, Meat, Offal.

The room feels like a comfy restaurant in Colorado that would have a fireplace and even a distillery downstairs or something. It’s homey, cozy, and a place you can sit for hours. If you want a classic New York restaurant with great service and impeccable food that isn’t impossible to secure a reservation at a week or so in advance, then this is your spot. Start with the cauliflower atop a bed of smoked trout, sunflower seeds, and capers . Yes, everyone is doing cauliflower and it’s basically a sin if you’re not, but no one is doing it atop an almost fish mousse. This dish deserves an extra special shout out due to the creativity and unusual pairing. This is the kind of thing your snobby friend who only cooks wouldn’t be able to say, “oh, well I can just make that at home so let’s order something else.” I also loved the carrot and beet tartar with egg yolk and bread crumbs. No beef here! It’s colorful, light, refreshing, and you can’t help but pat yourself on the back for feeling healthy. The burger even comes bun free but don’t worry you get sweet potato fries!

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As far as the seafood section goes, definitely go for the Spanish Mackerel. I love the cipollini onions, and the broth resting all around it is delicious and gives you that feeling of comfy Italian without the carbs. Now, I wasn’t obsessed with the meatballs, but my brother sure was, and I thought he was going to die and go to heaven on the spot by the look on his face with each bite. Everything on the menu is appealing and knowing that each dish is made with a little extra tender, love, and health care makes your meal feel even more enjoyable. Hearth is a classic East Village spot that doesn’t feel like it should actually be in this neighborhood, but I sure am glad that it is. It stands out amongst it’s peers, and with a huge menu offering, you’ll feel an attraction pulling you back again and again.