Sushi on Jones at The Bowery Market

Have you ever eaten omakase (sushi up to chef’s discretion) outside in Manhattan? Or better yet, have you ever had a casual, no frills sushi dinner in a fun environment that didn’t feel sterile and didn’t cost you over $100? I didn’t think so. After Sushi Dojo’s Chef David Bouhadana left, everyone threw their hands in the air in outrage. Luckily, Derek Feldman saved the day and partnered with chef to open Sushi on Jones in the temporary Bowery Market (here for at least a year). The two then plan to open a restaurant in the old Apizz space on Eldridge in the Lower East Side. For the time being, Sushi on Jones is super fun and there’s nothing else like it. It’s $50 for 12 pieces. It’s a 30 minute time cap which you might think sounds too short for the amount of money your spending, but remember, kids, sushi is one bite and you gotta keep it moving. I don’t know about you but when you get sushi take out it’s definitely gone in under 20 minutes. This place is perfect, and you leave feeling satisfied with room left to grab dessert elsewhere.



The six seat counter overlooks the tiny 50 square feet kitchen. This is super impressive considering the two sushi chefs do all that work in there –and you thought your apartment was small? The fish is flown in fresh, and it’s reservation only. The menu includes:

  • Scallop – Smooth, silky, and memorable
  • Crab – This was my least favorite, but only because I’m a bigger fan of tuna and salmon and those pieces really shined.
  • Hamachi – Our first piece went down happily.
  • Uni – I actually skipped the uni round  and got two other pieces of other sushi instead. That being said, if you don’t eat one of these items on the menu, the chefs are super accommodating and willing to give you something else to meet your needs. You don’t see this everywhere.
  • Eel – Always a solid way to end a sushi dinner with something a little heavier.
  • Botan Shrimp – To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of shrimp in the sushi game. I rather just have shrimp cocktail. However, I loved this style of shrimp as it wasn’t too fishy and had a little sweetness to it. Really made me raise my brows and was a pleasant surprise.
  • 2 Tuna – When the fatty toro comes out, it’s game over. One of the best pieces I’ve ever had. Next time I’m going to try and weasel my 12 pieces to be toro only. I can dream, right?
  • 2 Wagyu – Always good to add a little meat to the bunch.
  • 2 Salmon – They threw in an arctic char here, too, which was delicious

Sitting outside in this cute, modern market that isn’t bustling or overly crowded is an environment that’s new to the busy Bowery area. Nowhere can you enjoy a nice, quite omakase meal outside like you can here without being bothered. It’s truly refreshing and unlike anything else. It’s also a great tease leading into the new restaurant opening later this year. Sushi on Jones is an ideal spot to go when you need a quick catch up with a friend on a weeknight or if you want something light and healthy. You know those nights where you want to dine out but you don’t want to indulge in a boozy, over the top evening? Sushi on Jones is your new go to. Welcome to the neighborhood!