Sushi Dojo

Sushi Dojo is absolutely lovely. It’s the most inviting sushi place with this type of high quality fish and creations. It’s small, unpretentious, and the sushi bar greets you right upon entrance. Obviously you need to sit here – it’s the whole experience especially when you are doing an omakase to chat with the chefs and watch them make and plate your delicious dinner right before your eyes. From the sushi counter you can start with appetizers such as lightly cooked octopus in a vinegar dashi or order a special sashimi platter of the chefs choice for $35, the sushi special for 7 pieces is $25 or you can order your sushi a la carte. They also have a Japanese plate menu with the like of a seaweed salad, braised pork belly, steamed manila clams and deep fried tofu. IMG_6656


IMG_6667Opt for one of the three Omakase’s which include: 10 pieces for $45, Chef’s choice of Sushi and Sashimi for $65 or Dojo Omakase which is $80 and up. Chef David started us off with Skip Jack Trigger with smoked cucumber and a vinegar (1st pic). We were completely happy with this being the first thing to hit our lips. The fish was cut very thick, one of the best things about all of the courses here, and the smokiness from the cucumber added a lot of flavor and something I’d never had. The next course was sashimi a collection of: Amberjack, Ivory White Salmon, Octopus, Clam, Blue Fin Tuna, Salmon and Fluke all served on a large banana leaf making it look like a vacation. All of this is fantastic except the clam and octopus were a bit tough to chew. All of the tuna served at Sushi Dojo melts in your mouth and each piece keeps better than the next. One of the coolest parts to watch is chef smash and make the fresh wasabi. It’s amazing and the best you’ve ever had. They make the ginger in house too and it’s very potent.




IMG_6679Next the pieces started coming out one by one making it serious game time. It is exciting, stimulating and suspenseful especially when you lose track of your course number and wonder how many more chef is going to surprise you with! He delighted us with Red Snapper from Japan, Hamachi, Striped Jack, Golden Eye Snapper which was lit on fire with salt rock and lemon. Then we had a raw scallop which was alive just minutes before settling in our stomachs. The Tasmanian Sea Trout rocks and then we got to the tuna pieces. When I thought the Medium Fatty Tuna was the best piece I had all night, I was then introduced to mister Fatty Toro which was lighter, thiner and cold making it a champ and . The last piece was a Sea Eel aka the freshest eel you’ll ever have. Don’t even bother getting those eel and cucumber rolls anymore. Here it’s anything but crunchy and stiff. It melts in your mouth, and the sweet last bite makes for a perfect ending.

I like how all of the dishes are simple without any heavy sauces as it allows your tastebuds to really take in the fresh fish flavors and feel light and good. One of the best things about this sushi counter is that you can still have an intimate/private conversation without feeling like the chefs or other people can hear you or are watching you (or at least the chefs don’t act like they can hear you). It’s not showy or spotlighted on like Sushi of Gari where you feel like you don’t want to touch or mess anything up. It’s really enjoyable and feels very easy going and not like a big fancy “to do,” however, it sure tastes like one! If you want to try Omakase for the first time, this is a great place for a beginner who aren’t sure how adventurous they are. At Sushi Dojo your endorphins are flying so high you’ll be walking on the clouds when you leave this place.