10 Reasons Why I Love Old Thousand

This new East Side, Chinese American restaurant looks like it was spit out of New York City with a touch of Uncle Boons meets Williamsburg. There’s colorful wall paper, awesome long tables suitable for big groups, red booths, and my favorite- a painting of a panda bear wearing a crown like Notorious B.I.G. ‘s album cover. It’s a huge space right by Franklin’s BBQ, and here are some of the highlights:

  1. They serve Chicken Feet. Who knew? A little chewy and weird putting an actual foot in your mouth, but at least they are offering something new and not totally American.
  2. Fried Rice is served with Micklethwait Craft Meats‘ brisket. It’s like do you put BBQ sauce or soy sauce on it? It’s amazing and comes with a sweet sausage as well. IMG_5479
  3. A free parking lot in the back makes it easy to meet anyone here
  4. The menu is large and intriguing enough that you wan’t to try everything. So if you go with a lot of friends, you can do it and still keep costs under $50 with drinks
  5. The long bar is a perfect spot to dine solo when you just need some noodles and cucumber salad.
  6. PICKLES. Who knew pickles could be SO memorable, and a bowl is only $2.75. Load up!
  7. Kung Pao Cauliflower has all the flavors and feels of a fried head of cauliflower, but it’s not and you feel much better about eating it and can actually taste the vegetable.IMG_5464
  8. Table side service. Several of their noodles are served deconstructed. I love how the waitress offers to mix it up for you because for some reason or other customers are always afraid they aren’t doing it properly. Go for the Dan Dan.
  9. Good for groups. A reservation for a birthday party of 10 is easy peasy, and a shareable menu always makes a night more fun.
  10. 5 Spice Churro. The longest doughnut I’ve ever seen. Not sure why there is a churro at a Chinese restaurant, but no one is complaining. IMG_5473