Uncle Boons

When Uncle Boons opened a few years ago, I was right up in their grill sitting at the communal table with a group of old and new friends digging into their authentic Thai cuisine. They turned me on to a Golden Curry Chicken dish that changed my life and love for Thai curry instantly. My next return sadly took a couple years, but the treasure I found here was immaculate. With a group of 8, we embarked on the family style meal called the Classic Boons Dinner which is priced at $55 a pop, and the most delicious food you could ever ask for.  It’s essentially choice of two appetizers, two mains, a vegetable, sticky rice, and dessert. We sat in the back which is a much better option than the more open front. The music is jammin’, and the cozy tables allow you to snuggle with your group while awing all of the decorations hanging and placed oh, so delicately around the room. Traditionally, we started with the Mango Salad which is usually blah to me, but this had the right amount of citrus and wasn’t overly dressed with sweetness. The next course was a Crispy Cauliflower with Noodles in a Tamarind Sauce called Mee Krob. I don’t know what got into me, or maybe I should say the chef, but this is one of the most exciting and tasteful dishes I’ve had all year. The cauliflower literally couldn’t have been any more magical, and it was browned enough so that while it didn’t taste fried, it had this crunch that paired well with the sweet and extra thin noodles. The dried shrimp involved gives it a little chewy and extra texture. Wow!

Mango Salad
Next, brought out on a silver platter was a tender Rotisserie Chicken cut into individual portions so each person can choose among a breast, leg, and dark meat. While it sure looked like nothing special, it tasted clean and buttery at the same time and didn’t need any extra juice because it was so good. As if we weren’t stuffed to the brim already because they sure give you enough food for each person family-style, they brought out the beloved boneless Short Rib in Massaman Curry sauce. We pushed the limits to get bites of this stellar dish down. How do they literally make everything taste like the best thing you’ve ever had and just as good as the next? They do everything right from vegetables, to chicken, to short rib, to curry. Before the meal even got to dessert, which is usually the most important course of every meal, I decided I needed to plan my birthday dinner and every other group dinner I’m a part of here no matter what. The Coconut Ice Cream Sundae didn’t disappoint. It tasted like coconut sorbet, very cold, light and topped with candied nuts and toasted coconut. Nothing like topping off your night.

Uncle Boons feels all about celebration with fun cocktails, a family-style of dining if you have a group of 8 or more where the kitchen will take care of your menu (making everything simple), and a vibe that sends happy signals all around.

IMG_8603Rotisserie Chicken