Best Austin Dishes in 2016

Hey, y’all. So I’ve officially lived in Austin for two months now, and had two other visits in 2016 which I documented here. As I was pondering what life would be like back in the 512 before I left NYC, I thought I might learn the laid back ways and not attack the dining scene so heavily or instantly, but I was wrong, and I’ve eaten just as many meals out. Instead of bagels and pizza, it’s tacos and BBQ (finally getting used to my hair always smelling like smoke). Instead of sceney restaurant bar scenes, it’s food trailers, queso, and outdoor bars with live music. Anyway,  as we dance into 2017, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite dishes in Longhorn country so far!

  1. Mickelthwaits Craft MeatsPork Ribs. When you can pull the meat off the bone with your hands, you’re immediately on my Chek Rec list.IMG_4672
  2. Poke-Poke – The fact that I have access to an awesome poké spot after the boom in NYC this year, makes my heart happy. You can cut your tuna with the side of your plastic fork. Legit!IMG_4582
  3. Bouldin Creek Cafe Bouldin Budda Bowl is only served at lunch, and it’s basically a medley of all my favorite vegetables: beets, roasted butternut squash, garbanzo beans, kale, carrots, roasted butternut squash all served beneath teriyaki quinoa.
  4. Fresa’sThe Power Bol is basically the sister to the budda bowl but with Mexican flare,  and the most tender chicken pastor. Avocado, roasted cauliflower, sweet potato, and pineapple pico.
  5. Nuha’s Sinful DessertsS’mores Cookie. This cookie truck won my heart immediately. Somehow it’s been around for 3 years and none of my friends have heard of it? Either I need new friends or I need to spread my cookie addiction fast. The giant S’mores Cookie has a melted marshmallow center hovering over the warm and thick chocolate chip cookie. IMG_4616
  6. Perla’s – Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese. This dish is my best friend and my enemy because I can’t go here without ordering it and I can’t leave without over eating it.
  7. June’s All Day – Appetizing Board. Just when I thought there would be no bagels and smoked fish, this homemade, pastrami smoked salmon and wasabi tobiko cream cheese saved the day.
  8. Stiles Switch BBQ –Peach Cobbler. The crust is doughy, and the Blue Bell vanilla melts perfectly with the whole shebang.
  9. Home Slice Pizza  Turkey Sub – Who gets a turkey sandwich at a pizza spot? I do and now you will, too.
  10. Olamaie Biscuits. They have honey butter so what do you think?
  11. Wu Chow–  Shrimp and Leek Cakes.  Dim Sum is a brunch steal here, and these cakes are something I’ve never had.
  12. Launderette’s Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich. The cookie part of the sandwich tastes like cookie dough, but it’s not, so the consistency is a magical, well executed idea.
  13. Second Bar + Kitchen – Roasted Rainbow Trout. Truly just a great standard piece of fish, and it’s only $17.IMG_3837
  14. Picnik’s – Blondie. It looks and tastes like a brownie but because of the grass fed butter and coconut sugar, it’s dense as can be – the way I like it!
  15. CenoteCenote ScrambleA no frills East Side coffee shop with an unassuming egg dish that I was really impressed by. Made with tomato, onion, arugula, pesto, capers, goat cheese, it could have been a pasta dish.
  16. LenoirGoatThe menu changes here weekly and offers your choice of 3 items from any category for $45. Love the interiors as well.
  17. TakobaVegetarian Taco. You’d probably never think this restaurant or this item would be on my list, but you try that secret green salsa they pour on the zucchini, sweet potatoes, and corn was enough to earn a spot.
  18. Eberly Crab & Cornbread. When you want to order another round of your appetizer again at dessert, you’ve succeeded in my book. The sweetness from the caramelized onion and the salty from the crab and cornbread are key.
  19. ItalicRoasted Chicken. A little birdy just told me that the chef was trained by Barbuto’s Jonathan Waxman, so no wonder, I am obsessed with their Roasted Chicken! Rejoice.
  20. Grizzelda’s Queso Fundido. Usually a liquid queso fan, this fundido mixed with the rajas peppers on their thick, salty chips, could be the reason I convert to the stretchy cheese side.
  21. BullfightLamb Burger. Good bun, and flavorful patty.
  22. Via 313The Classic Cheese Pizza. This is definitely the thickest piece of pizza I’ve ever had. It almost felt like I was eating cheese and tomato sauce a top a buttery biscuit, and with that I think we should create a new name for this carby goodness.FullSizeRender 34