The Nomad

Behold The Nomad. The restaurant that everyone gasps about and holds near and dear to their heart. People are very proud to talk about how they’ve eaten there, and it’s like a right of passage if you’ve ever had the most talked about $80 chicken for two that’s decorated in foie gras and black truffles. It’s like the public has created their own rules to follow when dining here- when you tell someone you are on your way there, they all say “you must get a drink at the Library Bar before.” I agree that The Nomad is special. You are treated with respect upon first contact, and you can only look around the dining room and bar area full of curiosity. It’s pretty low key and quiet and the staff steps on egg shells to make sure you are having “The Nomad” experience that you have been anticipating. Cocktails are delicious and they make you feel important and a legit human that’s wining and dining through out the streets of New York City. I think the dining room would be better if it felt a little more private. I kind of felt exposed in the middle of the room. Half the crowd are business men using their expense accounts, and the other half are those looking for a memorable and pleasing evening.

It may come as a surprise, but actually my favorite dish was the seafood tower. I loved not knowing what each jewel was on each level. It’s also exciting to eat the same piece at the same time with your date or friend and then try to remember what it was and also see how the other person reacts to the bite. We ate the scallop in the beautiful shell first and it just kept getting better and better after each discovery. We had a mixed crab situation, a bowl of uni flan, and everything else was delicious and irresistible. Totally into this. Next came out the gorgeous carrots that are so pretty you could hang a photo of them in your bedroom and not be judged for it. The orange, yellow and even black vegetables were cut long and dressed in a curry sauce with crunchy farro pieces. We thought the curry was a little strong for our liking which is of course, a personal preference but also a disappointment. I was still down with the texture combinations though.

IMG_1335Roasted Chicken for Two
Now onto that beautiful bird. They present it to you like a prize, first, showing you the pot of gold in the iron cask and then taking it to the back where they get to business- separating the white pieces onto two different plates, accompanied by an amazing corn chanterelles and freekeh which is a grain and a rich truffle sauce. Then placed down on the table is the dark meat with gravy and some other southern style ingredients. Flip open the skin on the white meat and you see that foie gras layer just hanging out waiting and ready for you to devour it. The good thing about this $80 chicken is that there are two parts to it, and it’s broken down for you on different plates so you barely have to lift a finger and can see what it could be like to feel like royalty or just have your own personal chef. The bad thing about the chicken is that it’s just so damn rich. The flavors are bursting from all different directions. The chicken is perfectly tender but you won’t even realize it’s chicken with all the other dressings and ingredients that go into it, so for those who refuse to order chicken when dining out, this one is definitely for you to try as you haven’t had another one like it.

I actually think I liked the dark meat mixture better than the white meat which is never the case. The foie gras might have pushed me over the edge a little which is why the corn is there to help balance things and take care of you. Is this the best chicken I’ve ever had? Well, I think Barbuto’s simple herbed covered $18 bird is my favorite. The Nomad’s chicken is in its own category. It’s not something you can eat everyday, but it really takes things to another level and your tastebuds explore a different combination of flavors. You somehow feel pampered and above the rest just from eating it. I don’t think another dish has made me feel like I was eating gold than this one. It’s a completely different dining experience, and I don’t know how food can make you feel like this. I’ve had my fair share of tasting menus, but this guy, this guy is another animal.