Barbuto is the holy place that belongs to chef Jonathan Waxman. If you read interviews with any New York chef, they always credit Jonathan Waxman as being a mentor and one of the best, innovative chefs. Always. The West Village spot offers the kind of menu and restaurant space suitable for any age and occasion. The garage doors that overlook Washington St. are extremely memorable, and the space is exceptionally airy and spacious. When the windows and door are open, it’s  perfect option for spring and summer dining. While the food is yes, incredible, it’s the quality service, beautiful, non showy people and the location that make it so quaint and charming.


Pizza Uovo
Now I’m sure you’ve heard about the iconic chicken. It’s true, this is the BEST bird I’ve ever had. It’s juicy, tender, succulent yet simple and really tastes like a home cooked meal. It’s bursting with flavor, and I literally couldn’t keep my eyes off of it or pay attention to any conversations at the table for that matter. I could eat this chicken every day and never get sick of it. You must get it for the table if you dare to share….Other great brunch dishes are the Seasonal Frittata which looks perfect on the plate and Pizza Uovo which is egg pizza on some good, warm homemade flatbread. The Kale Salad is simple, fresh and divine and tastes like a garden. The Crespella  thin pancakes with pears are very interesting and taste more like crepes than a traditional buttermilk breakfast pancake. Barbuto is that classic restaurant you want to: A. take your parents to, B. stroll in on a random Sunday night or C. when you just need an uplifting moment- this is your answer and remedy. There is a private room if you have a large group and for a party of 6-8 make sure to snag the chef’s table in the back kitchen. When you find yourself not wanting to leave the table after the check’s been paid for and there is no food left to much on,  this is how you know a restaurant is special.