Market Table

Market Table is one of those restaurants for me that I’ve always had on my list to try but just never made it in because nothing specific on the menu ever reeled me in. The dining room is perched on a sweet corner in the West Village with windows making up two walls of the space. This is what makes it so charming and luring. It’s so nice to look out on to the street and the room is medium sized in a square shape so you can kind of see who else is there and most tables look like dates. The menu is pretty much all American with your typical octopus, salad and pasta appetizers and chicken, fish and steak for dessert. I have to say I have been having fantastic luck with octopus lately and this one is perfect. It’s tender and I love that it was paired with beets instead of the usual potato or olives. Image 1 Image 5 We got the homemade Cavatelli with morels, spring peas and pecorino, and I didn’t really need more than one bite. Not my style. However, the Roasted Chicken is outstanding and one of the best chickens I’ve had in the city in comparison with my absolute favorite – Barbuto. The extra layer of crispy and crunchy outside is what makes this particular bird so special. This is my favorite thing here by far. The risotto adds a nice creamy texture to the mix as well. The Steak is also cooked very nicely with mashed potatoes.

While our waiter was a tad slow in taking our order, you must add Market Table to the top of your dining list. It really reaches for the stars and I was utterly impressed. With all they hype about Joe Campanaro’s other spot Little Owl, I say try Market Table first. It’s such a winner spot with the location, atmosphere and fresh food. This is the kind of menu that you’d want to have every night of the week and it won’t get old. It would be fun for parents when you are looking in this neighborhood, but I really think it’s the quintessential date spot.

Image 13Photo Credit: Anna Malskaya