Sushi of Gari in Tribeca

Sushi of Gari is one of the most coveted sushi spots in New York City known for  it’s omakase and raved about constantly with the likes of Sushi YasudaMasaUshiwakamaru. The flagship location is in the Upper East Side and a downton location opened in October 2012 in Tribeca. The decor is simple and plain creativity and beauty is all on the plates. To get the most out of your experience and the quality of the fish here, make sure to come prepared to do the omakase. The Omakase is the signature sushi offering the season items of the day served piece by piece. It’s $130 per person for about 13 pieces of both sushi and sashimi and closer to $100 for sushi only. Make sure to sit at the sushi bar upstairs to get the most action. In addition, you can keep the sushi flowing past 13 pieces and be served until you say stop. You can see how carefully, detailed, and hard-working the chefs are for each piece. It’s one of the most fun culinary experiences I’ve ever had. You never know what’s going to land on your plate in front of you and it’s so exciting to hear all of the ingredients in the masterpiece that you are about to eat. There are so many ingredients used in each piece.

IMG_5679 IMG_5681 IMG_5682 The first piece received was toro which slid down my throat like a glove. At first bite, I thought game on! Next was Yellow Tail Sashimi which came with two pieces for each person. The fish is so clean and fresh  that with each course you can’t help but think what is every other restaurant doing? Then we got the Miso Black Cod which was really fun because I’ve never had it raw. The Salmon sashimi was my favorite sashimi of the night and actually tasted like Miso Salmon. The King Crab piece was overwhelming looking and extremely interesting. It had a tail that you are supposed to hold and tear off as you eat it which I struggled with how to figure it out in a way that looked lady-like. Boy, was that baby slimy and I have no idea really what it was but it was seafood paradise. The Tuna with homemade tofu sauce was definitely my favorite course of the night. The tofu sauce was outstanding and you’d have no idea what that pillowy looking thing was if he didn’t tell you. I actually hate the shrimp course. It was served in a cute little Asian dish in a ceviche style and I didn’t finish it. It seemed like a waste of a course compared to all of the other extraordinary plates. My other favorite piece that was most surprising and intriguing was the Oyster. It was incredibly crunchy and unlike anything I’ve ever had. The salmon with a hot tomato was bizarre and had very unique textures. It was very popular. The Fluke topped with a mini poached egg was adorable and I’d eat this thing for breakfast everyday if I could. By the time the last piece of Uni got to us I really couldn’t handle any more. IMG_5687Sushi of Gari is everything it lives up to be. I was on cloud nine and such a high that the only feeling I can really compare it to is being drunk – except we didn’t have any alcohol? This is such an amazing experience and the sushi chefs are true artists. It’s just as fun as seeing a Broadway show. Because each piece is served to you one by one with 5 -10 min rest in between, you actually have time to enjoy, savor and fill up. They garnish each piece with the necessary spice and soy sauce so you don’t have to add anything and I love that they replace your plate with ginger once it runs out. The green tea presented in the “Sushi of Gari” printed mugs is a perfect ending to a perfect meal. You have to try this omakase at least once in your lifetime.