Insomnia Cookies

Everyone’s favorite late night cookie delivery company, Insomnia whose first New York location was in Greenwich Village near NYU, has opened a new location in Midtown at 53rd St. and 2nd avenue. They deliver cookies and brownies warm to your door until 3 a.m,. and you can go into the tiny shop to grab a cookie as well. The space is super small, and it’s way more fun to have them show up at your door. The cookies are not huge, gourmet cookies like you see a lot around this town. They are similar to homemade Nestle Tollhouse that you’re mama used to make growing up. Flavors range from the typical Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Double Chocolate Chunk to Chocolate Chunk.Image 10Image 3 Even though I am a chocolate chip cookie obsessor, I think they do the oatmeal raisin better. If you love Reese’s go for the Jumbo Deluxe Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie which is twice the size. The brownies are also incredible because they are packed with extra chocolate chips making each bite creamy and melted. One thing I tried recently which is new to me was the brownies that offered different toppings such as cookie dough, peanut butter and snickers.¬†This concept is ingenious, and when your doorbell rings and a brownie topped with raw cookie dough that is melting with chocolate all over the place before your eyes, you are one lucky duck with a watering mouth. Feel free to eat this giant dessert with a fork. It’s incredible, and I don’t know why I haven’t made one of these myself before. The one topped with peanut butter is also amazing but a tad richer and hard to eat as much of. The new shop in Midtown is also offering a full ice cream menu so you can order cookies a la mode or make a cookiewhich because why not have the best of both worlds? Insomnia Cookies is an easy answer for birthday surprises, business lunches or just when you want to send someone special a little somethin’ somethin’. They are standard freshly made cookies and way better than your average deli cookie when you need a sweet fix. However, they can’t touch Levain Bakery.Image 7 Image 11 Photo Credit:¬†Anna Malskaya