When you pull up to Hank’s, you’re immediately hit with a gorgeous and soothing oasis which happened to be an old meat market that just popped up in a giant neighborhood (Windsor Park). The porch is glistening, and inside you’ll feel at ease with serene plants, nude leather booths, giant floor to ceiling windows, cute kid-friendly rocking horses, and an all around airy space. It’s almost like you’re on your own photo shoot set. I love how big the space is and the closeness of the booths make you feel included in the giant dinner party happening around you. The menu is conducive to any kind of a eater: the healthy grain bowl addict, one that’s in for simple sandwiches, and one that likes to indulge. All of the bread and pastries are made in-house which means someone at the table must order a sandwich because the buttery, thick bread is a shining star!

Frosé is not new to the beverage world, but Hank’s makes the best one I’ve ever had for sure. They are usually too sweet and a little too floral for me, but this is equivalent to your favorite margarita, if not better. Also, love the Luxardo Maraschino Cherry in it (the dark, dense kind). The cocktail list isn’t overly adventurous, but it’s right on track and every drink you’d want to cuddle up with in time for summer: Spicy Margaritas on Tap, Ginger Turmeric Tonic, Smokey Shrubs, and Bourbon Basil Lemonade. I can usually find one cocktail on a menu I stick with or I go to wine. However, at Hank’s, I couldn’t decide which herby drink would be my chosen one. 
Photo by Kathleen Pieratt

Start with the Wood Grilled Artichoke with caper remoulade, and go for the Pesto Rice Bowl with a Fried Egg for your next course. The pesto flavored brown rice impressed me as I expected pesto to be present on one side of the bowl or as a dressing. The allows the pesto flavor to overtake the whole bowl in just the right way with enough taste and no oil. Arugula, Avocado, Feta, Lemon and Hot Sauce support the dish as well. It’s like an “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” salad except you want to eat it everyday, and it’s nice to have someone else make it for you in this case! Also, this big guy is only $10, and the cocktails are $7-$9 aka free?! What a steal.

Since everyone these days is an ordering monster and requires build your own bowl situations to deal with high maintenance substitutions, Hank’s is nice and smart enough to offer an “Add to Any Salad or Bowl” section which includes: Chicken Breast, Grilled Steak, Wood Grilled Salmon, Half and Avocado (rejoice!), and Panko Crusted Goat Cheese. 

Side note. I really enjoy how this menu is organized by Apps, Salad, Entree, Sandwiches, Oysters, and Side Veggies. It’s so encouraging that there is an Entree section AND a ton of others so that when you order an Entree AND a sandwich you know you’re not alone. The Brined Fried Chicken comes with hot honey, a nod to Nashville, but it’s not very spicy. The chicken itself is extremely juicy, not greasy, and thank goodness not dry. Again, $12 for a whole fried chicken is unbelievable. I’m more of a flaky/crunchy skin kinda gal though, so I preferred the bowl and sandwich.

Now onto my favorite section: SANDWICHES! I mean for some reason restaurants seem to not allow these on a dinner menu unless it’s a burger. The turkey sandwich is a food staple in my life, and I never am given the option to order it at a fun, beautiful restaurant until now! Fantastic sourdough shoved with chunky avocado (which makes the entire sandwich gold), red onion, arugula, aioli, grain mustard (good call!) will light up your life. If you’re like me, you might want to ask for extra turkey to beef it up. It’s almost like a dressed up avocado toast with turkey. Anyway, Hank’s is a great escape and one of the most casual, yet adorable spots in town where you get your moneys worth and fabulous style all in one. Get after Windsor Park!