Leroy & Lewis

When I moved back to Austin a year and a half ago, I noticed my hair smelled like BBQ every single day when I got home even if I hadn’t stepped foot inside a BBQ joint! Smoked meats are just flamin’ everywhere. After checking out Freedmen’s, Terry Black’s, Lamberts, Franklin’s, Stiles Switch, Mickelthwait Craft Meats, I needed a break from the meat sweats and permanent smokiness you taste the rest of the day with each swallow. However, I finally checked out Leroy & Lewis which is a food truck placed next to Cosmic Cafe, Crux Climbing Gym, and Infinite Monkey Theorem right on South Congress closer to Ben White. This spot just crawled up to the very top of my Favorite BBQ list because like their slogan says,”  New School BBQ, Old School Service.” They have alternative cuts of meat like beef cheek, fried rice boudin, barbacoa, and what I like the best is that they have fresh forward thinking sides that encompass GREENS instead of just beans and potato salad.

I’m always going to judge a Texas BBQ place by its brisket. While it’s truly hard to keep this juicy, flavorful, and consistent, it’s my #1. Leroy & Lewis hits it spot on with pockets of fatty, perfect bark edges yet lean pieces of brisket all at the same time from Beeman Ranch. They also have Beef Ribs szechuan style from Peeler Ranch, Porchetta, Housemade Duck Mole with Boudin Sausage which was fun, Mac and Cheese Stuffed Quail and burgers sometimes. The beet bbq sauce stole my breath away and you might even eat it by itself it’s so good. I love the Kale Caesar Slaw as it really is a good intermission between meat bites. Unfortunately, they were out of the Fire Roasted Sweet Potato with Cosmic Herb Butter, but other sides that day included: Chili Frito Pie, BBQ Fried Rice, and even a Brisket Chocolate Chip Cookie.

The menu changes daily so make sure you check it out online. They are open Wednesday – Sunday. I love this little “village” where you can sit outside at picnic tables, grab some wine, even kombucha, or participate in some bouldering before you hit the big meal next door. This is a very authentic, local, Austin experience!