7 Best Juice Bars in New York City


Juicing. Do you dig it? Well if you don’t the rest of New York City does. From full out week long cleanses aka fasting  to fresh pressed/bottled juices to smoothies, liquid veggies and fruit meals are all the rage. I used to turn my head at the thought of these smoothies (never even fancied the cleanse idea) until I met Liquiteria’s Berry Powerful which is a mix of blueberries, strawberries, bananas vanilla soy milk, wild berry whey protein, flax seed oil. It’s cold, icy, fruity and tastes delicious when you want something light mid day or before a late dinner when you need that in between snack and you don’t know what the hell to get because you don’t want to ruin your appetite for that massive plate of bolognese. It’s also the best remedy after a work-out and won’t destroy your accomplishments. However, the number one reason is it’s very satisfying and you can meet your veggie and fruit servings in one glass! I like the smoothies the best which on average are around $7 or $10 a pop. Here is a list of my top seven favorite juice bars in New York City. What are you waiting for? Get to juicin’.

  1. Terri (Flatiron): Obsessed with their Brazilian Bombshell smoothie (2nd pic), and I get it with Almond Milk. It’s a great breakfast option because of the milk flavor and craveable. Green Power (3rd pic) which has kale, pear, banana, almond butter and almond milk is great if you want something less sweet.
  2. Juice Press (10 locations in the city): I like the #3 Fountain of Youth which is coconut water, berries, banana, hemp protein powder, agave nectar and coconut oil. The Frozone (1st pic above) is a real kicker with raw cacao powder and bee pollen. They offer cold press juices, acai bowls, kale salads and more.
  3. Juice Generation (SoHo in Equinox and multiple loctaions): Two words. Kale Yeah! Tastes exactly like watermelon on a summer day and is a lot thinner and lighter than a smoothie. Could be a good mixer, eh?
  4. Liquiteria (East Village): This is the place that enabled me to trust in juice smoothies. However, after my addiction to Terri’s Brazilian Bombshell smoothie which is creamier and tastes more like milk, I have converted.  It’s 20 oz. which is larger than the average 16 oz. smoothie and you might see Russell Simmons in here, too. I love the store because you can see all the fresh fruits and veggies and you know that it’s coming from there before it hits the blender.
  5. Butcher’s Daughter (Nolita): Cold press juices and lots of smoothies with coconut products. I like the food best here.
  6. Magic Mix Juicery (FiDi): All juices are gluten-free, raw, vegan and kosher and divided into separate categories such as: Greens, Roots and Fruits. I like Root Awake: Carrot, Apple and Ginger. It goes down easy and is a bit sweet and has a cayenne like kick.
  7. Melvin’s Juice Box (West Village): This is the trendiest of them all. Located next to the Jamaican restaurant Miss Lily’s, you can enjoy tunes from a DJ and shop around for shakes and fresh juices galore. The Body Good is awesome with kale, collard greens, celery, apple, lemon and ginger. You taste the apple and lemon and would have no idea it’s filled with veggies.