Terri is an all vegetarian, organic restaurant located in the Flatiron district that is absolutely perfect for to-go and pick-up lunches during the work week. I will admit, it’s kind of confusing to read the menu and realize that it’s all meat-free because they trick you with items called the “Meatball” Sub and ¬†Thai “Chicken” Wrap which no, I’m still not sure what it is made of, probably a lot of tofu, but it tastes good and that’s what we are here for. What first got me to say “yes” to this place was the Peanut Butter Cookie. Yes a vegan cookie, I know I’m still in shock, too. It gets the job done and is soft and flavorful. Being a fan of egg sandwiches, I ¬†actually loved the Breakfast Scramble Wrap. Although it was hard to believe that there are, in fact, no real eggs used and just tofu (it’s vegan, hello!), it was a pretty good substitute and the Italian “sausage” really tastes like meat. Don’t let the words “vegan” and “vegetarian” fool y’all. Terri knows how to deliver and the Roasted Vegetable Sandwich def does not taste like something that should be under the “healthy” category. It’s still lovin’ some grease in there. The wraps are pressed and toasted too.

Terri is perfect if you need a change of pace in your daily diet and want something new and surprising besides the usual Chop’t or Chipotle. The “Meatball” Sub is supposed to impress those looking for comfort foods, but for now I’ll stick to the cookies. This place uses vegan and vegetarian only ingredients, offers gluten-free bread so it’s extremely impressive what they’ve rolled out here. Don’t take it too seriously, just pop in and pick a sandwich or grab some quinoa. Chances are you’ll have trouble deciding, but in the end, Terri will have you crawling back for more, and hey, you can add avocado on to anything.