Two Hands

Avo Toast! Avo Toast! Avo Toast! New Yorkers shouts and prayers for more avocado toast with red pepper and a fried egg have been answered. It’s on most brunch menus and even lunch these days. I’d like to pay a nod to my friends over at The Commons Chelsea who’ve been serving this as long as Cafe Gitane’s famous dish. At the Australian run coffee shop in Nolita, this is their golden child. You see this on every table with add on options such as:  Egg, Bacon, Roasted Tomatoes or Chorizo. Other menu items include juices, smoothies, milkshakes with Almond Milk, Fruit Salad, Granola Bowl, Ricotta Toast and daily pre-made salads and sandwiches visible at the counter. The service at Two Hands can’t handle their clientele. There is no waiting area so the front door and windows are lined with girls wearing fedoras and fur vests staring down every table in front of them. You really can’t blame them as there is no separation or elsewhere to go and the service is horrendous. Waitresses are seen eating the fresh berries behind the counter, water glasses remain empty and spilled on customers. However, is this their fault or is there too much demand? They are simply just a coffee shop with a few menu items and pleasantly bombarded on the weekend probably due to Instagram photos of that toast. All of the bread have nuts in them so allergens beware- this place is not for you.

The Acai Bowl is another crowd favorite here. It’s gorgeously layered with granola, blueberries, raspberries, seeds and carobs. The frozen acai underneath is delicately sprinkled with frozen banana as well. When you are craving this dish, Two Hands is a great alternative to Liquiteria if you are looking for a more enjoyable sit down atmosphere. I think Two Hands is a perfect coffee shop for the weekday freelancer or professional that works from home. I wouldn’t rush here during the weekend as you won’t get the service you expect after waiting an hour for your brunch.