The Commons Chelsea

The Commons Chelsea is a cute neighborhood cafe to drop in for a quick coffee on the go or to sit down for a nice hefty sandwich any day of the week. Named after the owners’ high school cafeteria, The Commons, is warming, cozy and you can sense the feeling that it’s truly “all in the family.” The staff knows its customers, they care deeply about their ingredients and offerings and their mom (aka Arlene) makes and delivers homemade cookies, Magic Toffee Bars (pic above), Sour Cream Coffee Cake, and pastries onsite daily. They’ve got a good menu up their sleeve with some exciting salads, toasts such as: Artichoke Toast and Cucumber and Sandwiches on Amy’s Bread ranging from a Grilled Cheese on Focaccia to a Breaded Chicken with Poached Egg and Cheddar on a Brioche Bun. The famed Avocado Toast is plain, simple, and just downright delicious. The heaping smoked salmon sits atop the thick bread covered in avocado, and the chili flake is what seals the deal. This dish is sounds so easy, but all of the ingredients match and complement each other so well that it just feels right. The Thanksgiving themed turkey sandwich is agressive, and I will admit I thought it was a bad idea but I loved it. The roasted turkey is tender and awesome and the sweet flavors from the cranberry and apple chutney rock it out. The stuffing and gravy are not overbearing and hidden in a good way. The crunchy, toasted bread wraps it all together nicely, and it’s something you will crave regularly and not just in November. You must get both the avocado toast (since everyone else in there is already eating it) and the sandwich. Just go halfsies with a friend. To top it off you have several sweets to choose from before you head out, and the coffee is from La Colombe Coffee.

On another note, the bench outside the restaurant is always inhabited by customers, and it’s a prime seat for people watching or chowing down on your chocolate chip cookie (they are crispy, crunchy and buttery). If you’re lucky, you might make it on their Instagram “Bench Shot of The Day”- it’s super cute! Great work, Sam!