The Marrow

I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised at a restaurant like I have at Top Chef winner Harold Dieterle’s West Village joint The Marrow. Now although it’s his latest restaurant of the group of three, it’s not still categorized as new or a hot spot in restaurant lingo. However, I made a random leap for dinner here and was blown away. I absolutely loved everything from start to finish and am still wondering how it took me so long to get here. The service couldn’t be any nicer and they treat you the way “white table cloth” servers do, but with just a more comfortable surrounding environment to basque in. First things first, the pretzel bread delivered straight to your table upon arrival somehow insanely disappears as soon as it hits the table. A mandatory round two of this is necessary for everyone’s well-being. Seriously, wow and seriously why don’t more restaurants have these fluffy salty like attractions waiting for you when you sit down hungry?

Image 1Raw Vegetable Salad  photo credit Anna Malskaya
Start with the Shaved Raw Vegetable Salad. While salads can sometimes seem lame, for some reason this one tastes full of life, fresh, crunchy, sweet and wholesome all in one bite. Grapes are always a fun addition to a bowl of lettuce gems. Another smart option for an appetizer that’s a bit heavier and rich is the Sweet Pea Ravioli. Sweet Pea’s really hit the spot when they are in season in summer. This dish is comforting, creamy yet still light somehow all in one. It’s a perfect appetizer for a group because everyone can have their own ravioli piece, feel satisfied and also keep the line of food coming.

Image 6Sweet Pea Ravioli
The menu at The Marrow changes every few months but fits in the same categories like a pasta or a fish. While you might miss some of your favorites, I love that chef does this so that you can step out of your usual order and stumble upon something you enjoy even more. For the most part you can still stick to these category guidelines and be overly pleased. The Branzino entree included a light sauce with clams. Approved. Right now they offer a Skate Wing with sunchokes, mushrooms, and sunflower seed sauce. I’ve already forgotten about my incredible branzino and need to try this before it runs away next month. You can also look at Harold’s instagram where he posts specials and new dishes regularly. He’s really good at this and this is one of the reasons that drew me to the restaurant a year after it had already been in the game.

Image 2Branzino
One thing that I can guarantee will be on the menu forever (or at least it better be) is the Ginger Stout Cake with roasted pineapple and honey ice cream. This is my gingerbread cake dream come true. Seriously, what is in this? It’s unbelievable, still amazing even though it’s not Christmas time, moist, sweet and delicious. I was kind of upset I had to share and seriously thought about going back the next day to sit at the bar and down one by myself. One day…

Image 3Gingerbread
The Happy Hour runs from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. daily with German options such as: Grilled Bratwurs ($10), Italian Sausage and $5 Pilsner and White and Red Wine. Not bad. What sets The Marrow apart from other restaurants besides its ever changing menu, is the gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that overlook one of the quiet West Village areas. The red booths draw a nice touch too. I will say the paisley-ish wall paper might be a tad much. However, I loved The Marrow and everything about the experience. It’s not a fight to get a reservation, feels nice enough for a place to take the parents and too impress and a place that just lets you enjoy yourself.

Image 9