The Butcher’s Daughter




The Butcher’s Daughter. Location: NoLita. Elizabeth and Kenmare. Scene: Juice Bar. Open. Great Lighting. Food: Salads. Sandwiches. Black & White Quinoa Salad. Roasted Caprese Sandwich. Hummus Plate. Avocado Toast. Vegetable Chips. Breakfast Sandwich.

Chek Recs:

  1. The Best Kale Salad: Baby Kale, Sunflower Seed Tahini, Avocado, Green Apples, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Smoked Sol de Fleur (1st pic)
  2. PB & Raw J: Blend of Nut Butters with Sliced Bananas, Strawberries and Honey on toasted  7-Grain (2nd pic)

No matter what you think, The Butcher’s Daughter is not just another healthy, vegetarian juice bar. It’s a full service restaurant that has quickly become my staple with stools filling the perimeter and a large communal table off to the side. Encompassed with floor to ceiling windows, the sun explodes through on a nice day giving you a burst of energy and a smile to the face. Everything looks and smells so fresh and clean, and you can see the fresh fruits and vegetables blending and salads and sandwiches being crafted before your eyes upon arrival. I fell in love twice at The Butcher’s Daughter. The first time was the moment I layed eyes on The Best Kale Salad. The bowl is overflowing with tender greens, huge avocado chunks, green apple, sunflower seeds and a light dressing of lemon juice. I love this thing. I could eat it for lunch everyday. Lets just say the name speaks the truth. There is a Chopped 10-Vegetable Salad which also sounds awesome, but I couldn’t try it on my second visit because I knew I couldn’t leave without the kale salad. The second time I fell in love was with the PB & Raw J sandwich. Yes, I know anyone can make this at home, but there is something in that raw peanut butter that I do not have in my kitchen. It’s a blend of nut butters (almond, peanut and hazelnut) with sliced grapes or bananas on toasted 7- grain bread and hit up with a drizzle of honey and strawberries. This thing is a star, satisfying and  filling. There are two pieces making it perfect to share. The Smashed Avocado Toast was hoppin’ around at most tables, too, so it must be delicious. Skip the Root-Potato Salad it’s pretty useless.

The Butcher’s Daughter offers a whole line of cold press juices, smoothies made to order and heartier dishes ideal for dinner time such as Raw Pesto Linguini with Spaghetti Squash and Cashew-Ricotta, a Portobello Burger, and Beet Tartare on a French Crostini. Weekday lunches are peaceful and take-out is super easy and quite popular. On a Saturday afternoon, The Butcher’s Daughter is full of pairs visiting over juices as if they were cocktails, families, trendy hipsters and stylish chicks. It makes you think that if you keep eating here you’ll soon be thin as a rail and way cooler. Vegetarian food is legit, y’all.