The London Candy Co.’s Wimbledon Je & Jo Ice Cream

In honor of this season’s Wimbledon, The London Candy Company (94th St. and Lexington) has teamed up with famed organic ice cream purveyor Je & Jo to create six British flavors for the summer. These specialty flavors are exclusive to the UES location and Je & Jo’s shop located in Hell’s Kitchen at 47th St. and served in the traditional 4 oz. compostable sugarcane fiber cup with the pull tab lid and wooden spoon stick  (for you Texans our there this is similar to the Blue Bell ice cream cups we all had at birthday parties).

The best part about Je & Jo is the little surprise treats you’ll find at the bottom of the cup which is usually cookie dough whether it be shortbread, chocolate chip, peanut butter, etc. Once I discovered these unbelievable gifts at the bottom, it was a whole different game. Luckily, the handmade ice cream itself is just as exciting and flavorful.  Jigs, the owner at The London Candy Company, was nice enough to let me sample the new flavors which include and are ranked in order of the best:

  1. Banana English Coffee (1st pic)
  2. Crunchie Cup: Honey Vanilla Ice Cream with Crunchie Bar (2nd pic)
  3. Strawberry Shortbread (3rd pic)
  4. Pimm’s Cup: Pimms, Mint, Cucumber and Citrus (4th pic below)
  5. Jaffa Cup: Orange Zested Ice Cream with Orange Zested Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (5th pic below)
  6. Earl Grey Tea with Shortbread

The Crunchie Cup was awesome because the ice cream itself was so tasty but the crunchies at the bottom of the cup seemed to have a caramel consistency making it taste almost like a sundae. I’m not usually a fan of banana flavored things (unless its banana pudding), so I was shocked at how much I kept digging back into the Banana Toffee Cup. The banana flavoring is very subtle as is the strawberry in the Strawberry Shortbread. There definitely could have been a stronger hint of strawberry for this flavor. The unique Pimm’s Cup was fluffy and fun to taste but not something you’d crave every day. This partnership is great and I hope they continue to make more.

P.S. Make sure to run up there within the next few weeks before they change the flavors or go grab a cup today to celebrate the finals!