Sushi Seki Hell’s Kitchen

It seems impossible whenever someone asks me to recommend a restaurant for pre-theater or dining in Times Square to think of anything but Joe Allen’s or Blue Fin. However, one of the best sushi spots in town, Sushi Seki, opened up another location in Hell’s Kitchen- just about a ten minute walk from all the Broadway Shows and  just far enough away from the crowds. The bi-level restaurant has so many unique rooms and even a specialty whisky and sake bar along with three Tatami Rooms where you sit in a comfortable space on the floor with your legs dangling in a pit sans shoes. While there is a four-course, pre-theater dining menu for $42, go the extra splurge for the Kappo six-course tasting with the sashimi and oyster supplement.

All of the plateware is gorgeous, marble, ceramic, or rock like, and the staff and sushi chefs couldn’t be more polite and speedy. The first course is a cold trio of some kind of crab roll, broccoli and carrot snack, and an incredible two bite egg with eel sauce. To be honest, this was one of my favorite parts of the whole meal! These first few bites really intrigue the palate and real you in. Next up is your choice of a snow pea or seaweed salad. Go for the seaweed. The Sashimi and Oyster supplement really seals the deal here and is 100% worth it. You’ll be straight up dissapointed if you don’t get it and see someone else’s sashimi plate nearby. Tuna with tofu cream sauce, snapper, salmon and two oysters really kick this party up a notch. That tofu sauce slays the tuna come every single time!


The next course is a fun savory egg custard full of surprises. As soon as you dive deep, you’ll find some seafood and vegetables hiding down at the bottom of the pot. This rich dish cleanses the palate before  the sea of fish that is about to dominate the table. That being said, next a huge portion of seared tuna tataki with ponzu and cucumber radish hits full of flavor, sweetness, and a a great cut of fish. This is when you start to pat yourself on the back knowing that it’s the best pre-theater dining you’ve ever had. You are a tad full but still so healthful all at the same time.


Then the final sushi moment you’ve been waiting for seals the deal with five pieces such as: Kampachi with Jalapeño Mousse, a Japanese White Fish, Toro Tau with Japanese Pickles, Tuna with tofu and wasabi, and Salmon with Sautéed Tomato and Onion Aioli which you might have seen at Sushi of Gari before. Sushi Seki brings its A game when dealing out their highlights at a fair price and with just enough food and flavors you desire in a prix-fixe sushi and seafood meal. I don’t think I’ve had a better meal in this area. Sushi Seki saves the day for any pre-theater, post-theater dining as it will keep your belly full and happy throughout any show you plan to see!