Recette’s chef Jesse Schenker is praised mostly for his dinner concept and the restaurant’s S’mores dessert with Graham Cracker Ice Cream, Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Ganache is constantly written up everywhere. I decided to venture on in for brunch (because¬†honestly¬†I have been running out of new ideas) and the menu was definitely my style. There is almost no wait here, I think because most people save this restaurant for a dinner option. The interior is cozy, with windows encompassing the tiny room making it a quaint and perfect brunch spot especially when you want to exercise your New York City love and just gaze outside. It’s not loud or buzzy like a lot of downtown brunch destinations, and the food is right on par. The best thing we had was the Burrata Grilled Cheese. I mean where have you ever had this before? It was a perfect Sunday lunch choice and the romesco dipping sauce with the crunchy, buttery toast was just the jewel on top. The sandwich has the exact amount of cheese and with each bite you can’t help but close your eyes and think yum. The Oatmeal & Bacon is rich and sweet. For all you bacon obsessors, you’ll like this. The Peekeyetoe Crab Frittata is good, too (3rd pic). However, I think it’s hard to pair seafood with eggs because it loses it’s flavor as the eggs can be overbearing. I somehow still continue to order these kinds of options hoping that this idea will be proven wrong. The French Toast is stuffed with peanut butter and jelly. It’s decadent, wild and something fun to try.IMG_3846


Recette is a great West Village brunch option when you want to relax and have an alternative brunch menu. The restaurant is so comforting and enjoyable, and if you are trying to get here but intimidated by the pricier dinner menu, then brunch is a terrific excuse to dine here.