Dinner on Ludlow at The DL

Dinner on Ludlow is located on the first level of DL which is the nightclub/lounge that houses this space and draws most of the attraction. The comfort food menu is mouth-watering and endless which is what drew me to this non-culinary driven destination in the first place. Upon arrival, your first thought is “oh shit am I dining in a club,” as the crowd does not fall in the food and dining lover’s category, but luckily there are some great eats to keep you seated. The bar seems to be the center of attention as the tables are set far back away from the entrance. The booths are white, quilted and large groups of guys and girl inhabit the dining room.IMG_3860Cauliflower Gratin¬†


IMG_3865Short Rib Burger
I guarantee you will have a hard time ordering and picking between all the apps, amazing side dishes topped with truffle oil and entree options because they just have everything. We all know burgers are hyped up at just about every restaurant in New York and people are constantly arguing over who serves it better. However, I truly (and randomly) loved the burger here -most likely because it was made with short rib and on a potato roll. It’s close to raw, tender and the roll soaks up the juices making each bite just plain wow. The Cauliflower Gratin is also a stellar dish and the breadcrumb topping is a nice touch. The burger and cauliflower make a trip here worth it. Definitely skip the tuna tartar as the other dishes outshine it. I did like the Artic Char, and the Truffle Mac ‘n Cheese will knock all you truffle lovers socks off. Nothing on the dessert menu really struck me or demanded an order except for a little ice cream craving. We decided to get a scoop, and ¬†hallelujah that we did that because it is incredible. It was made with chocolate, crunchy candies and peanut butter, and it’s so awesome you’d wish they would open a to-go window just for ice cream cones.


If you are planning a bachelor party, this is the type of environment you’d score big in with your out of town friends. For a night of clubbing, stop by the restaurant downstairs first for some pregame snacks and then head upstairs to DL (which by the way looks like a rainforest and is very entertaining). If you are looking for a nice, quiet night out or interested in an experience and meal that will be mindblowing, then I’d try something less intense. Stick to the basics and comfort dishes here and you’ll enjoy the trip you made to Dinner on Ludlow.