Randolph Beer

You might not think about going to Randolph Beer for food, or brunch for that matter but think again. Imagine Breakfast Nachos, Biscuits and Gravy, Grilled Chicken Salad with avocado, apple, jicama, walnuts and dried cranberries and Crispy Grits all centered around live bluegrass music on Saturday afternoons. It’s a perfect setting for a casual brunch, and the music is a perk which isn’t too loud or disruptive for a productive conversation. The space is very industrial with random trinkets placed in the nooks that line the ceiling walls. There are brown wooden booths with cast iron bars slightly overhead, curtains to separate your table from the next if you feel like being private or intimate  and floor-to-ceiling windows at the entrance that brings in natural light during the day. It is mandatory that you start off with the Breakfast Nachos that are fried tortillas, eggs, black beans, cheese and ranchero sauce. Dive in with your fork (or you hands based on the staff’s recommendation) and in each crunchy bite, you’ll taste a little bit of Texas.



Skip the Crispy French Toast brioche that’s coated in frosted flakes. While reminiscing about Tony the Tiger, it’s not worth it because it’s not as fluffy as your other New York standouts and there are other things to focus on here. The Egg White Veggie Scramble comes out and looks like a big heathy ball of eggs with kale, mushrooms, tomato, etc. These are amazing, light and satisfying. It makes for the perfect brunch dish. The burger is standard and waffle fries are always a killer. The side of Crispy Grits with Jalapeño and Cheddar is unique and not your average creamy carb in a bowl. It’s crunchy and looks more like hash browns. Overall, Randolph Beer is an amazing place for multiple gatherings at any time of the day. The staff is really cool and pumped about everything on the menu making the experience more enjoyable. This is definitely a great spot to meet friends after work or on a weekend and grab a few craft beers in a cozy booth that’s pretty chill and not a “to-do.” One of the best things about it is there is no wait for brunch and you can pop in last minute with a big group.