Picnik- A Paleo Trailer on South Lamar

There are two things I’d never thought I’d say about one of my most beloved desserts: that the best blondie I’ve ever had would be paleo and gluten-free or come out of a trailer housed in a re-purposed shipping container. Picnik, which is a embracing real foods with real ingredients- none of that processed junk. The truck started off with grab and go breakfast and lunch as well as their famous butter coffee, bone broth, and juices.

I’ve said plenty of times that the grain-free restaurant Hu Kitchen in New York’s Union Square, had my credit card at lunch 3-4 days a week. I couldn’t part with their curried sweet potatoes, rotisserie chicken, or dessert bars for a week. So while I’ve transitioned back to Austin, Texas and heard about this paleo spot, I was ecstatic to see that their daily soup was a roasted butternut squash with all my fave fall root vegetables. Very into this right now. I also got the Broccoli Crunch + Chicken salad. They use avocado oil mayo, and the broccoli was paired with bacon, currants, and honey cayenne pastured chicken. A pretty fun salad/ market plate here that mixes up your daily lunch order.

I didn’t stop there though, once my eyes saw the blondie which actually looks like a brownie with giant chocolate chips, I went for the gold, and I struck luck! It’s fudgey, dense, moist, and everything. How is it paleo you ask? It’s made with grass-fed butter, vanilla and almond extract, se salt, pasture-raised eggs, almond meal, coconut sugar, and chocolate chunks. Can’t get more real than that.

More good news is that founder Naomi Seifter just opened their first brick and mortar location a couple months ago on Burnet Road where you can have a sit down meal and try fresh fish dishes, a tuscan shrimp risotto, fish tacos, crispy orange chicken and broccoli, eggplant rolatini, etc.