Locanda Verde Bakery Counter

Most people salivate over Chef Andrew Carmellini’s Sheep’s Milk Ricotta and Lamb Meatball Sliders (although now they’ve recently changed to duck) at dinner. However, pastry chef Karen DeMasco is also another star to holler about here – especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The bakery counter at the right of the entrance is overflowing with freshly baked golden treats that shimmer in the glass jars. Her Apple Cider Doughnut is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a perfect size, no bigger than your hand and tastes like a delicate cake with a contagious flavor. The flavors change seasonally, but each one will blow your Doughnut Plant obsession out of the water. The Olive Oil Coffee Cake is another irresistible winner that you can’t pass up. Basically, I would recommend everything on that counter. If you are just looking to meet some friends for coffee and a light sweet morning treat, this is the place and the baristas are as sweet as the baked goods. They’ll even give you a taste of something if you are indecisive and play your cards right. The area in front of the bakery is very cozy with perfect first-come-first-serve seating. Therefore, if you decide to pop in last minute,  you don’t have to worry about brunch waits in the dining room and can grab a seat while still basking in the timeless atmosphere. Definitely a spot to read your morning paper and exercise your sweet tooth for under $4.


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