Lobster Joint – (Lower East Side)

I reviewed Lobster Joint’s original location in Greenpoint sometime last year, and I had nothing but love to share. While Luke’s Lobster is my favorite roll in the city, this one is pretty close if not just as good AND you can get fries or a salad with that bun. They recently opened their first location in the Lower East Side and have the same amazing happy hour $4 Oyster Shooters, $4 Beer, $4 Cocktails, $1 Oysters, $4 Lobster Sliders from 4-7 p.m. weekdays. After seeing the lobster claw bloody marys and seeing that they have a Fried Oyster Scramble, I decided to re-chek it.IMG_6429

Well, if you are looking for a place to have brunch with a ton of people that wont be hard to split the check, this place is absolutely perfect. Vacant, large picnic tables leave you with lots of options for seating and payment at the counter when you order is always seamless. Once you’ve handled the “hard” part then you are home free. I tried the Connecticut Lobster Roll this time instead of the New Englad (which is mayo and celery). The Connecticut is a bit warm with butter. I actually didn’t notice a temperature difference, but I did notice how flavorful the lobster was and how they give you so much meat. It’s perfect. While the bun is a big focus on this dish elsewhere, here there is just so much lobster and it’s so fresh that you almost don’t even notice or care about the bread. You could even order this bun-less. The huge portion of salad with tomatoes, carrots and onions really completes the meal, too. The fries are also tempting with a nice size but could use more salt, but the salt from the amazing, fat pickle balances it out as does the cole slaw. The Fried Oyster Scramble is banging. Love that kick of friedness in there and it’s not too “fishy.” The Crab & Asparagus Omelette is a bit weak- don’t get that. The Bloody Mary’s are beautiful and hard not to order when you see that huge claw poking out. They also have a Mushroom Frittata and Angus Burger on the brunch menu for those non-seafood eaters and Crab Cake Sandwiches, Tuna Melts for other lunch/dinner options. The Lobster Joint has TV’s making it a sports watching spot and place to have happy hour, hang out with friends and throw back some lobstaaaaa.