Kotobuki’s Sushi must be the best sushi deal in the city. I am still shocked and appalled by the $22 Sashimi Deluxe Omakase entree for which is a plate of overflowing fresh raw fish that would cost you close to 100 big ones at any other place, and you know what, it tastes the same. The scene is a bit different than your average favorite, upscale sushi restaurant. You won’t see anyone over 30 here. The room is so loud you have to scream across the table to communicate. It feels like you are in a small college town that only has one sushi restaurant because everywhere you look, it’s either big groups of friends, a couple that looks like they’ve been dating for years and looking for an easy dinner spot, or a couple of girls practicing their chopstick skills. Back to the food and omakase entree options. If you don’t want only sashimi, don’t worry there is something for you! Go for the Sushi Deluxe which is 12 nigiri and a california roll ($22)l; Sushi & Sashimi Combo which is 4 nigiri, 8 sashimi, salmon carpaccio, california roll and u.f.o roll ($23) for those of you that want everything. You get a ginger salad with all of the Omakase entree options (there are 11 to choose from including one for 2 or 3 people). Yes, they all comes with that orange dressing that you are all obsessed with as well as miso soup. Then the plates of fish fly in.IMG_6051


For the Sashimi Deluxe you get a nice cut of Tuna, Salmon, Fluke, Yellowtail and who knows what else, but you’ll love it. You even get these little rice paper rolls filled with salmon, tun and avocado called u.f.o. rolls. Gotta get your avocado in somewhere when you’re not ordering sushi rolls right? Another surprise, is a mini bowl of cooked salmon that is indeed spicy and has a bit of white sauce tossed on top. The best part is you might not finish all 18 sashimi pieces, rice paper rolls and salmon after the salad and soup, so you can take it home an have another meal ready to go tomorrow, and it’s all $22. That’s basically robbery. They also have other options such as: Udon, Soba Noodles, Grille Sea Bass, Teriyaki Chicken and Beef, etc. I mean if you’re not headed there tomorrow or even ordering it for delivery right now, then I don’t know what else to say. If you want good sushi and you want a lot of it for a more than reasonable price- Kotobuki is for you.