If you’ve ever wished that you could just have a home cooked meal whipped right up in 30 minutes in the convenience of your own home without lifting your own finger or grocery shopping, you’re in luck. Kitchensurfing is an incredible AND affordable service that offers you this dream. For $50 for two people (it’s $25 per person and you can pick 2-6 people), you can choose from three different menu options Monday- Friday which is usually a steak, fish or chicken option and always a vegetarian choice of pasta or risotto of some sort. You reserve your meal up to a week in advance or as short as the day of before 3 p.m., and the time slot that you wish your chef to arrive. The chef arrives with all pots and pans needed, ingredients and begins cooking your dinner so that you don’t have to. He or she even cleans up and takes the mess with them, and the tip is included in your price. Yes, folks it’s almost like magic. You’d never know that someone was in your home cooking you, your family or your date dinner. This leads me to the sneaky idea that if you want to impress your date and can’t cook, hire Kitchensurfing and have the date arrive just a few minutes after the scene of the crime has been completed. 


I had a fabulous first experience. My Chef Lany was an adorable Cambodian woman who taught me a few cooking tips along the way. It’s so much fun to watch them cook and I just can’t believe how efficient it is. Each chef (there are about 20) learn how to make the meals of the week in the morning and then practice a few times to make sure they are all consistent and get it right. Then other chefs prepare and chop up the ingredients so that when the chefs arrive in your home, they get straight to heating and cooking without the prep work. Lany arrived a bit early because she had a client right around the corner from me. I tried the Roasted Chicken Thigh with Meyer Lemon Sauce, Farro Salad,  and Roasted Vegetables. They spent time sous viding the chicken beforehand which made it super tender and better than average dark meat. She whipped that chicken right up adding a lemon butter sauce. The sauce was a bit lost on the plate because it was poured over so it didn’t have that much of this flavor, but it was still tender and made for great leftovers. That’s another thing. For two people, they provided 4 thighs which essentially made for an entire second meal. At the price of $25 per person for two meals, it’s pretty legit. The farro salad with dill, feta and tomatoes was crunchy. I loved the roasted vegetables topped with balsamic. I do wish there were a few more because there was so much left over chicken, but in reality the choice of eggplant, red peppers, squash and zucchini was awesome, and I loved the variety. 


I absolutely loved Kitchensurfing. While it’s not a four-star restaurant meal, it’s a healthy, home cooked dinner created right before your eyes which feels like in a matter of seconds. It’s one of the most convenient services I’ve ever seen, especially for a busy New Yorker who might just pick up cold deli noodles on their way home. It’s nice to hear the chefs story and meet a new person, and I can’t wait to try it again. You can check the menus every day and in advance to plan ahead and it’s 100 percent worth it. Very impressive! To get $25 off your first meal, Chekmark Eats and Kitchensurfing are offering a code to use here: