Joe & Misses Doe

You wake up on Saturday demanding brunch. Obviously – it’s New York City and freshly baked biscuits, homefries and fluffy eggs benedict plates are all your tummy desires and your brain will allow. Many restaurants serve brunch, but only a select handful of restaurants are really really good at brunching. Joe & Misses Doe is a little spot in the East Village that’s cool, calm and collective. You can stroll in easily without any issues and wreck some Chilaquiles, Corned Duck Hash, Challah Bread French Toast and even an Almighty Brisket Biscuit. The lovely married couple Joe & Misses Doe run this joint from the front of house to the kitchen. You feel like you just walked into their home for a quick bite. Misses Doe greets you with a friendly hello offering you some brunch cocktails and then Joe feeds you and it’s a quite satisfying and easy experience. Start with a side of biscuits and gravy. They are little nugget sized biscuits and something great to pop in your mouth while you wait.

IMG_0434The menu items are fun and creative. I mean how often do you see scrambled eggs with empanada dough, black pepper, and chilis? You can even score a plate of Burnt End Chili on Toast with Scrambled Eggs. The options throw you for a loop in a good way and make ordering exciting. I loved the Joe Matzo Brei with scrambled eggs, cotija and spicy honey. That spicy honey is the game changer. In fact, spicy honey needs to be put on the table with salt and pepper from now on. It’s striking flavor is unreal and awesome. If you’re looking to jump on this train, Roberta’s in Bushwick has an amazing pizza with spicy honey as well. The Egg, Bacon and Cheese sandwich is honker carefully placed on a large butter bun. Joe & Misses Doe’s culture speaks to the brunch people. A place where you receive great service without being bothered, bumped, or rushed to leave when all you want to do is just relax and cure your hangover. While the tables are minimum, it’s not a high traffic area so you don’t have to wait super long. This little joint feels ‘ya.