Gaggyl – A Group Dining Savior For Your Wallet

Every man’s dreaded problem with a group dinner: Splitting the bill. Oh, but you only had one glass of wine and Sassy Susan downed a whole bottle, and you didn’t order that ricotta or calamari appetizer, but now you’re credit card is going to eat it?  The headaches and illnesses you develop involved with grabbing a bite or having drinks with a larger group of friends can ruin a night that’s supposed to be epic. Lucky for you, has got your back, and they even do all the planning, booking, and coordinating group dinner and open bar parties so you don’t have to. SO sweet.

They have partnered with some of the most popular restaurants in the city such as: Empellon Taqueria, Louro, Essex, Brother Jimmy’s, Cafe Cortadito, Burger Joint, Rafele, Eleven B, etc. to create tasting menus with all you can drink options and all you have to do is pay upfront, provide a guest list, and takes care of the rest. They’ll track invitations and RSVPs, collect all the cash beforehand (each experience is simply calculated at price-per-person cost, including tip & tax), and send out reminders to make sure everyone is ready to rock for the night out on the town.

Lucky for you, they are offering Chekmark Eats readers a chance to try out with a special 15% off your portion offer by clicking here. This is available to you now through Monday, Oct. 6.

Grab some buds for an excellent taco tasting at Empellon Taqueria or a memorable brunch at Essex, and you won’t end up calculating or worrying how much money you are paying in the end because of that overachiever orderer you have at your table.