Extra Virgin

If you are ever tasked with planning birthday brunches or dinners for 10 plus people, then you know you’re going to run into some problems at most places in New York City. Either you can’t make a reservation or you must succumb to the dreaded prix-fixe set menu that’s at least over $30 and who wants to pay that much for brunch withOUT alcohol. Sure you can do the all-you-can-drink brunches, but that’s if you seriously don’t care about the food you are slamming into your stomach. I found an oldie but goodie that happily takes brunch reservations for parties over 10 people and didn’t demand any set menus or time constraints. Behold none other than Extra Virgin- the cute, American, neighborhood restaurant on West 4th Street in the West Village. It’s the only restaurant I have really found in New York that puts one pancake under the “Sides” section, and for that, I salute this restaurant. Everyone always wants a few bites of French toast or pancakes, and when no one is there to split it with you as a starter, you’re screwed. Extra Virgin solves this problem straight up. It tastes like your mom’s Bisquick pancake, and you love it.

IMG_8620Ahi Tuna
The menu includes an array of egg dishes, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and some sweet items. Ahi Tuna might sound like an interesting option in the morning, but it works. The Basque Scramble with polenta, chorizo, and super soft scrambled eggs was a crowd winner. The Oregano Roasted Chicken Sandwich on grilled bread with cucumber yogurt and avocado works swell. It’s crunchy yet soft bread works well with the condiments, avocado, and the chicken, which might be a little under seasoned, but it’s a great size.

You really can’t go wrong here, and when it’s nice outside the patio seating in the front is incredible. You get to sit along one of the most quaint, green streets in the city with the best dressed people to gaze at. Easy peasy.