Dimes, which by the way can be a bit tricky to find if you aren’t familiar with Division Street deep in the bottom of the Lower East Side, is the best new brunch spot I’ve tried this year (it would have been included in my list of Best Dishes of 2013 if I did breakfast). It’s simple, healthful, fresh and breakfast combinations with lots of vegetables that you don’t see everywhere. Finally a place that has awesome flavors that aren’t just eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy. While the Breakfast Sandwich with Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Cheddar, Hot Sauce and Pickled Cherry Peppers called my name through the roof, I decided to go with something I’ve never had which is the Winter Hash (sans potatoes) with Sunny Egg, Buttercup Squash (which tastes/is basically butternut squash), Brussels, Black Rice, Ginger and Scallion. This dish is incredible and you feel like you’d want nothing to come between you and these roasted veggies and black rice. It’s perfect and I’d karate chop anyone that tried to come between me and this breakfast. It’s light an healthy. When you see that Egg Sandwich walk by, you’ll be glad you got this #chekrec. IMG_6269

IMG_6270Also, you don’t want to miss the Acai Bowls. I haven’t seen Acai Bowls on many menus in this city except for juice bars, but never a restaurant. There are three to choose from: 1. a strawberry, banana, almond milk, bee pollen, goji granola, 2. a kale, banana, ginger, lime, buckwheat, honey and hempseed and lastly, the carob, banana, dates, cinnamon, coconut, almond walnut granola. We chose door number 3. It’s cold, refreshing, smooth and crunchy. It’s sweet and earthy enough to end the meal when you need that sugary end note like those that demand french toast or pancakes to share for the table. Dimes is very cool and earthy. The walls are cream colored and bare and the back looks like a coffee shop with pastries, a few nick-nacks for sale and visible fruits. It’s a tight squeeze so I’d recommend going with just one or two other people so you can get a table easily. Everything is around $11 or under so you are safe here. Dimes is rockin’.