La Guadalupana Bakery & Cafe (Houston Getaway)

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La Guadalupana Bakery & Cafe. Location: Montrose. Dunlavy. Houston. Scene: Parking Lot. Food: Authentic Mexican. Tacos. Enchiladas. Fajitas. Tostadas.

 Chek Recs:

  1. Migas: Chorizo, Onions, Jalapeños, Tomatoes and Tortilla Strips Scrambled with Eggs (1st pic)
  2. Breakfast Croissant: Eggs, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Onions, Jalapeños, Cheese in a Croissant (2nd and 3rd)
  3. Chicken Tamales (4th pic)
  4. Horchata

There is Tex-Mex and then there is authentic Mexican food. Sometimes living in Texas, you get it all confused because everyone is always eating chips and queso, enchiladas and fajitas once a day anyways, right? Two of my best friends in Houston lived in Spain for two years and Mexico City for one summer, so I trusted them to lead the way when they suggested we try an authentic Mexican restaurant that I knew nothing about. We pull up to the restaurant La Guadalupana Cafe which shares a parking lot with an old laundromat and grab a few seats on the “patio.” No I don’t know where I am, but I love the menu and love that tamales are $1.50. They make all of their breads and pastries onsite and let me just tell you the buttery, doughy croissant is amazing. It’s like a mix between a biscuit and a croissant. The queso is just fine here but you can get that anywhere. I loved the $5 Breakfast Croissant which is stuffed with egg, mushrooms, onions, jalapeños, cheese (plus bacon and sausage if you wish). This was my favorite thing because the cheese melted right into the bread making you say “yum” at every bite. The Migas are also amazing. Yellower than most I’ve seen, great spices and standard eggs. It’s served with a little pool of refried beans. The Chile Relleno de Queso is also very authentic and different than most you find at Mexican restaurants around the U.S. because it’s lightly breaded and only stuffed with cheese not meat. The red sauce is tasty but the other dishes stood out to me more. I also loved the homemade Chicken Tamales. La Guadalupana Cafe is now my favorite secret brunch spot in Houston that isn’t buzzed enough about, but somehow it’s better that way. Pop in and grab a horchata, because this cinnamon drink tastes like a dessert and a lovely ending to your cheap meal. We shared all of these plates and walked out with a $12 each. Ridiculous I say. It’s also BYOB. Have fun!