Austin Oyster Co. 🦪

The thought of eating oysters in the comfort of your own home has never crossed your mind, right? I mean surely you don’t know how to shuck an oyster (we are in Texas NOT Maine). How would you even know where or how to buy the delicious creatures? At at time when we’ve all mastered how to make our own bread (full disclosure I still have not), the oyster is a mollusk that I feel safe saying none of us have brought into our homes…until NOW! Thanks to the latest and greatest Austin Oyster Co., a group of three young guys: Dave, Brendan, Will, are bringing easy access to the crowned sea gem. All you have to do is place an order on their website for fresh New England Oysters and book an appointment for the day you want them to come shuck, feed you, and clean up. Honestly, it’s easier than booking a reservation at Clark’s Oyster Bar these days, and you don’t even have to go anywhere! Think about it, they are bringing the party to you, and you can use the new backyard you’ve been grooming all summer to host a small group of friends and save money on booze. The crew came up with this idea during quarantine when one of the founders girlfriend’s, who is from the east coast, was really missing oysters at home. They found a way to partner with farms in Massachusetts and Maine to bring them to us all! The team is very professional with masks, a table set-up and table cloth where the shucking happens, homemade mignonette sauce, oyster plates to serve the goodies on, and then poof, they are gone and no mess is left. Now onto the pricing. This is what it looks like and keep in mind this includes delivery, shucking, clean up, + feel free to leave a tip):

??For your very own 10% off discount, use Chek10 when checking out in the “Redeem Coupon” box on the Appointment page??

  • 24 Oysters = $125 ($5 per oyster) 
  • 36 Oysters = $175 ($4.8 per oyster)
  • 48 Oysters = $225 ($4.6 per oyster)
  • 60 Oysters = $275 ($4.5 per oyster)
  • 100 Oyster = $400 ($4 per oyster)
  • 100 + Oysters = Contact [email protected] 

Photos by Kathleen Pieratt PhotographyI had a group of 8: a couple high school friends, next door neighbors, and NYC friends and it felt like we were on vacation! In case you didn’t know I lived in NYC for 8 years where I fell in love with the oyster and also worked in restaurant PR and opened over 30 restaurants before I moved back home to Austin. I now have a marketing and brand development company called Chekmark Consulting where I help build restaurants, food + beverage brands, as well as other lifestyle companies, but the funny thing is that everyone asks me if I ever want to open my own restaurant. This was the first time where I actually felt like I had a restaurant and it was in my home! Even though the guys were shucking the oysters, I made some apps to round out the night such as shrimp cocktail, guac + Uncle Julio’s paprika chips, cheese board with my dad’s homemade honey drizzled, jicama shrimp tacos, etc. You could say I took the nautical theme seriously with my La Maree Art water board and shell plates from Capri. I recently finished putting together my backyard with some new blue and white tile under a pergola and outfitted the area with a couch for hanging and snacking so Austin Oyster Co. was my first adventure.

Luckily, the previous owner of my house left me a nice deck and fire pit he built, so we got lit and made s’mores with graham crackers, Tate’s Bakeshop crispy chocolate chip cookies, and Tony’s Milk Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bars to mix in with the melted marshmallows. I have to say I think this thick chocolate bar makes for the best s’mores I’ve ever had because it’s big enough to take over the sticky marshmallow and it doesn’t stick to your face.

Austin Oyster Co. was a magical experience for the senses and they have a great business idea that I can’t wait to order again! Don’t forget to use the *Chek10* 10% discount when booking your evening, baby shower, or intimate wedding as well.