Vic’s which used to be the beloved NoHo brunch spot, Five Points, is now one of my favorite dinner spots in the ‘hood. I first discovered one of the chefs here at a once in lifetime Dinner Lab event, and his duck ragu pasta stole my heart. Vic’s is the kind of restaurant where no matter what you are craving you can find it and receive satisfaction. Whether it’s finely roasted heirloom carrots, a little burrata, fluffy pizza, or a simple spaghetti alla chitarra, your needs are met. Dining out may have a stigma of “unhealthy,” but really here you can lean on the healthy side and not feel like you gipped yourself out of a delicious meal. Also, you can still indulge by sharing a half order of pasta and sticking light the rest of the way.

You can order all veg such as Roasted Sunchokes, Crispy Sweet Onions, Corn or a salad with Summer beans, but whatever you do, make sure that Lamb Belly drops on your table. Made with celery pesto, pistachio, and zucchini, it’s one of the most tender pieces of lamb I’ve ever had. It might as well be listed as brisket on the menu because it’s pretty hard to distinguish the difference anyhow. It’s a nice size portion as well and plenty for four people to share as an appetizer. While there are several entrees to choose from, it just makes sense to order a bunch of apps and then a pizza and/or a pasta. Otherwise you might experience orders remorse. The burrata is served with charred nettle toast which looks like a green spread. It’s great and you’ll want to order another piece.


As for pasta, the Cacio Pepe with black pepper, pecorino, and parmigiano is a delicious cheesy treat that melts in your mouth. It’s just the right amount of cheese to pepper ratio and the right amount of carbs. There’s just something about cacio e pepe that blows my mind. It’s so plain, yet so necessary. There are also six pizzas to choose from. Go forĀ Soppressata, Calabrian Chilies and Thyme. It’s just the right amount of spice and the bread is doughy enough. It doesn’t feel like you are at a pizza place at all which is a good thing. Vic’s is perfect for a Friday night date or weeknight neighborhood dinner. I love everything about it. The booths are made out of benches and the tables in the center face the kitchen so you can see the chefs at work. Who cares about bathrooms, but I do have to comment on the awesome flamingo wall paper. Hot pink birds populate this room and if I was a fashion blogger I would have probably posed with this paper in a pink dress (half kidding).


Vic’s is a dream come true and the kind of restaurant you’ll never regret going to or be upset to venture to weekly. It’s like the all American restaurant you’ve always wanted plus pizza as a an added bonus. Not to mention it’s pretty much available on OpenTable. Brunch is another meal not to miss. The Soft Scrambled Eggs with broccoli and and onions steals the show. So glad to have this guy around here.