Corkbuzz Union Square

Two words: Champagne Campaign. Why would you ever go to a dirty, bottomless brunch with horrible food when you can go to the best wine studio in the city, Corkbuzz, and enjoy half priced champagne bottles on Sundays? Yes, this might sound like a trick question, but it’s real life. Imagine drinking a $110 Roderer Brut Premier bottle of champs for just $55. You’ve never tasted anything better in the morning, and it pairs perfectly with $3 oysters. Corkbuzz truly offers the best wine collection and I love it for an after work drink as well. The staff introduces you to tastes your lips have never experienced before. You could call your first class of wine there an arousal if you wanted to.

However, checking Corkbuzz out during brunch time is almost like a hidden secret. You can walk in and find a table easily, make a big group reservation seamlessly and chow down on ideal brunch food at your own pace. Start with oysters and a cheese plate because why not? Thank goodness they serve the cheese with an apple compote. We all need something sweet to go with that cheese and bread.


Food offerings include some stand outs that you hope for in a Sunday brunch menu including: Avocado Toast, Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes, Cornflake Crusted French Toast, Hangover Sandwich, etc. I regret not trying the Duck Confit Hash with sunny-side up eggs, scallions, jalapeno aioli. After cheese and oysters, the Kale & Apple Salad is a light and refreshing option that’s also included on our Best Kale Salad list. The thick leaves paired with the flat apple slices are dressed perfectly with a cider vinaigrette. You can call that Ricotta Crostini placed inside the bowl an added bonus. The Brisket Burger is one dish not to overlook. The pink epicenter on a brioche bun melts into each other with a slice of cheddar cheese oozing through connecting all flavors together magically. Forget all those other hyped up fancy burgers. At Corkbuzz, dare I say it, but you don’t even need ketchup!

The best part about brunch here is that it’s relaxed and almost lazy. You aren’t rushed, your fed like a boss, and you’re doing it with some of the best champagne around to comfort you. Oysters, cheese, kale, burgers and booze. You might get a little silly, but you are in a sophisticated and friendly atmosphere without that awful raging music that seems to come with “drunk” brunches. This is all about tasting the best bottles and not abusing alcohol. Cheers to Champagne Campaign!


Don’t forget brunch is only served on Sundays because Saturdays are reserved for wine classes which co-founder and famous Master Sommelier Laura Maniec teaches herself. She’s cute, spunky and keeps things fresh. She is enlightening puts wine on your level of understanding without making you feel like you are studying. The month of March has a great lineup starting with Spanish Pairings on Monday, March 2, In Depth Rioyja & Ribera del Duero on Saturday, March 7, etc. Sign up online here.