5 Best Wine Spots in New York City

The best thing to enjoy with great food is stellar wine. Today we look to the dapper men at Wine Awesomeness to learn about the 5 Best Wine Spots in New York City.

1. Brookvin Situated right in the heart of Park Slope, Brookvin may just be the coziest wine bar you ever did see. Don’t let the mini-ness of this vino haven fool you though, it’s got a wine list big enough to satisfy adventurous sippers and classic lovers alike. Speaking of options… they also serve 1/2 bottles, charcuterie, beer (gasp!) and cocktails (oh my!) for those less grape-inclined. There’s no question that Brookvin’s got your wine fix covered, but if you prefer a dose of coziness, cocktails and beer on the side, this is the spot for you.

2. CorkbuzzCorkbuzz isn’t a winebar, it’s a wine studio. What exactly that means is slightly beyond us, but it’s pretty sweet. Two locations (one in Union Square and the other in the Chelsea Market) ensure that if you’re in lower Manhattan, you can satisfy your vino-lust. Aside from satisfying thirsts on a nightly basis, Corkbuzz is a center for connoisseurs, wine events and educational courses and is home to a badass list so long it should come in scroll form. If you have some experience buying wine and don’t mind parting with some cash- you will find and drink some absolutely incredible juice here, like, mouthgasm status. May not want to wear a t-shirt though…

3. TerroirIf you live in Tribeca or in Murray Hill, you probably already know about Terroir. If you don’t, you should plan a visit. Terroir takes all the pretension out of the term “wine bar” without making sacrifices vis-a-vis their list. You won’t break the bank, you’ll have a good time and you may even kind of party! That’s a lot more than can be said of most wine bars, and trust us, it’s a very good thing.

4. Xai XaiWhy the hell would anyone ever go to Hell’s Kitchen on purpose? The answer is Xai Xai. Despite being in Manhattan’s version of the middle of nowhere, this South African wine stronghold is somewhere you must check out. The list is made up entirely of wines from South Africa, one of the most interesting and “oh hey this wine is actually really damn good!” regions in the world. Aside from having anything South African you’d ever want to drink, they’ve got mini skewers of beautifully braai’d meats and traditional dishes to nibble on. It’s like going to South Africa, drinking and eating til you can drink and eat no more, but in Hell’s Kitchen- which is still (probably) closer to your apartment than Cape Town.

5. Roberta’s It’s easy to poke fun at Bushwick and its legions of hipsters, but not when it comes to food and wine. You won’t need a mustache to concede that their killer creative pizzas, their hodgepodge dining rooms and the steady buzz of Bushwick brunching all at once actually meet the hype. Even though this spot has been proverbially “blown up,” and their pizzas have been touted ad nauseam- few realize that Roberta’s also has the best damn wine list in the borough of Brooklyn. Seriously, the best. If you’ll feel more comfortable slapping on a pair of fake glasses to fit in, do it- whatever it takes to spend the afternoon journeying through their crazy wine list and pairing it all with pizza, the food of life.

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