Best Tacos 🌮 Austin, Texas

Tacos mean serious business in Austin. They are a right of passage, included on every dude’s Bumble profile as a pick-up line for knowing the “best in town.” They are on individual’s bios on business websites bragging which spot they order from for the whole office weekly. In Austin, we have taco trucks galore and more than any other city in Texas (well at least it feels like it). It’s true, you come here for the breakfast taco. I personally think our BBQ tacos are masterpieces.


LA TUNITA 512: [pictured above] This is the newest (to me) taco truck right off Oltorf east of I-35. Parked near a gas station, the bright rainbow striped truck, has 5 menu items. They stand out with their homemade Consome with Birria, a Mexican brisket stew used for dipping the tacos in. My favorite was the Birria Tacos ($2.50 each) and the Mulitas ($4.00 each). A Mulita is like a quesadilla and their tortillas were pretty crispy/bubbly with melted yellow cheese and shredded brisket inside. It’s not sliced but round. The queso tacos are the brisket tacos but with a tougher cheese layer. I prefer the plain brisket over this so you can get the full meat flavor. Be sure to order a side of connote, but beware when it’s hot out this can make you sweat more.


TACO FLATS: The fact that you can actually order a margarita, beer, or glass of wine and have tacos makes these giant flour monsters taste even better. It’s an actual restaurant so they have a liquor license. The tortilla’s are super floury and you could easily just eat one and be full, but we all know that’s no fun! I prefer breakfast tacos here over dinner. Go for the Black & Green: Grilled Jack Cheese, Refried Black beans, Scrambled Eggs, Guacamole, Grilled Onion. Just make sure you order one with their refried black beans.


TAQUERIA 10/10: At Taqueria 10/10, you’ll find cooks dressed in paper chef hats screaming, “No ticket, no taco,” while firing up your hand-sized tacos on the grill for all to view. The tostadas, burritos, and tacos exude authentic Mexican street food with my favorite, a quesadilla that’s the opposite of American oozy cheesy, but a homemade corn tortilla folded over with crispy cheese melted into the center, draped with chicken, cilantro, onion, and incredible guac (always included) on top. I usually love a homemade flour tortilla on a quesadilla, but, I’m voting corn here, and I also like the steak taco! Located in the same venue as ReyRey, Reina Rooftop, and Roma, come for a late night bite and margarita, and who knows where you’ll end up within this compound next.


While their menu is a little different right now, their Smoked Chicken Fajita Taco on a flour tortilla with their green sauce is unreal. They also have some of the best and most giant beef ribs for you BBQ lovers looking to knock out tacos and bbq in one sitting. Closed Monday and Tuesday.


One of the newest taco restaurants to the game, Edgar and Sara have a menu that can’t be matched by anyone else. They have bountiful vegetables, tuna and beet tostadas, and are making their own masa through nixtamalization for the corn tortillas. My favorite might be the sweet potato taco. Their paletas also seal the deal before you exit.

MAUDIE’S: An old Austin classic Tex-Mex restaurant has everything you could want from Mexican food. Their tamale breakfast taco is a secret weapon. I guarantee you’ve never seen this anywhere else.


TAMALE HOUSE: This historical spot on East Sixth has lots of Mexican soul and you feel these feelings inside and on their patio. Go for the chicken mole taco.

CASA DE LUZ: Yes, the macrobiotic and vegetarian haven tucked right by Town Lake has guacamole tacos on Wednesdays and gorditas! They mix the guac with ‘shrooms, carrots, green beans, and it’s pretty hearty.

EL MARISQUERO: El Marisquero actually feels like Mexico City to me for some reason, unlike a lot of other trucks — maybe because it has its own area, but maybe it’s the flags, decor, and long picnic tables. Their menu is quite large and all the seafood really excited me since most taco trucks in Austin primarily boast their Al Pastor recipes. Go for the Shrimp Taco and Ceviche and let me know how the soup is this winter!

ASADOR TACOS: Everyone knows this is my all around favorite taco mostly because they grill their tortillas on a flat top and because I stumbled upon this during SXSW last year and didn’t know another soul who had been. The grilled tortilla makes the taco taste almost like a slightly crunchy quesadilla but without the cheese so you really dig into the flavorful chicken. Their chips and guac and salsa make it a match made in heaven. It’s located outside their mezcal bar, and it’s fun to play darts while you wait.(They are closed during covid).


VERA CRUZ ALL NATURAL: Collectively, this seems to be visitors, media, and local’s favorite micas breakfast taco. I actually think Taco Deli is often more consistent, but I like the Radio Coffee location best. Also, I love their fish tacos.


TACO DELI: Instant classic for all your breakfast, lunch, dinner and queso needs wherever and whenever around Austin.

LA SANTA BARBACHA: This taco truck connected to Fleet Coffee on Manor Road wowed me when I visited for the first time this year. I recommend trying the Santito Taco, a vegetarian taco full of roasted but still crunchy cauliflower, red cabbage, poblano and onion, on a spinach tortilla. The Quesabarbecha is also amazing, as it’s basically a quesadilla with crunchy cheese on the edges and soft cheese on the inside with an ideal amount of barbacoa, all in a beet tortilla. You get plenty of food in a great venue with covered seating, wooden tables, and sturdy chairs. I’m ready to go back for breakfast!


Ever heard of a Chilaquiles Breakfast Taco? Well, now you have, and now you’ve met another relative to the Vera Cruz team.


If you like light, not so greasy/juicy, this truck located at Sunrise Mini-Mart on Oltorf and South 5th street, is a fast taco fix!

EL PRIMO: El Primo is my favorite breakfast taco from a truck. Obviously, you know Taco Flats is my favorite breakfast taco of all time with that huge fluffy flour tortilla, black bean spread, and guac that seal the eggs in nicely. El Primo, which is cash only and closed on Sunday (big things to remember), offers a short menu with all the basic necessities. I like the Egg, Bean, and Cheese. It’s really creamy with the refried beans and the eggs come in a nice portion. What surprised me most on my last visit was the incredible shredded chicken taco with pico. It’s fresh, made with high-quality meat, and it’s a taco you’d be impressed with at a restaurant.

CON MADRE KITCHEN: If you are looking for something DEEP, down and dirty. Get the chorizo taco here. It’s cheesy, meaty, and might stay in your tum tum for two days.


PUEBLO VIEJO: This taco truck brand is also a winner. I love their quesadillas, too.


ROSITA’S AL PASTOR: Known mostly for their Al Pastor (duh), I prefer the Gordita. That bread is unlike no other. I obviously like to order specialties at some of these places that you can’t get anywhere else.


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As you can see, my ideal taco all depends on the homemade tortilla and how they prep it. I prefer my eggs to be fluffy (not pinned down) and usually a chicken taco over other meat. Always love a quesadilla and a guac or green sauce topping. Let me know your favorites!