Why You Should Try XPT

XPT aka Extreme Performance Training is not something I knew I needed to indulge in. I was watching my friend Gretchen (who used to be the Austin Fit magazine editor) instagram stories last month and saw her post about a pool workout out called Staycation Fitness in Fredericksburg with a beautiful view in the country. Since I’m a big fan of swimming laps at Barton Springs, I knew I had to get a taste of this since I spent all summer escaping the city hiking and hanging out in this direction of Texas. With no clue to what I was getting into except that I knew it involved a pool, Gretchen picked me up in her jeep (I don’t know what it is with my friends and jeeps), and we drove out to her family friend, Leann Rominger’s, property who actually builds pools for a living and started offering XPT workshops in April. We drove up the hill to her beautiful house that has an infinity pool overlooking the height of the land where you can see trees and blue skies that stretch into the distance.

Leeann welcomed us right in, and I couldn’t help but notice how strong, toned, and tan she stood before us. I thought what the heck are we about to do, but I knew I was about to love it! I had so many questions as she gave us a quick tour of her newly built house, handed us our face mask goggles, and dove right into the definition of the programming. XPT is composed of three elements: Breathing, Movement, and Recovery.

We did a few minutes of breathing through our noses deep into our bellies “which helps with mental focus, physical activity, and helps calm the body.” We then transferred quickly into the pool where we did circuits full of High Knees, Gorillas, Side Swimming with 5 lbs. in one hand, and even a little race between Gretchen and me where we were tied together with a bouncy band and had to swim in opposite directions until one of us hit the end of the pool, and the other was dragged lightly to the center after ending. What was most thrilling and unbelievable that our bodies could do this were the squats in the deep end with 10 lb. weights in each hand. You push yourself down in the water to reach the bottom, do a quick squat and then shoot yourself back up from the bottom of the pool for air and repeat. We also did Pistols this way. Another cool thing I learned that if you are at the bottom of the pool with the weights, if you place them down there, your body shoots up above the water like a rocket. I definitely tried to swim up with the weights once and let’s be real, that is almost impossible! We also ended on sprinting under water with weights in our hand to the other end. The first time I got across without taking a breath, the way back I had to leap up for air. It’s cool to be able to control your mind and body to do this!

So after about an hour and a half of crazy, fun, cool pool time work out, we dried off and Leeann offered us some healthy bars and snacks. She really is the greatest! We sauntered down to the Fire & Ice (recovery) portion of the XPT workshop. This entailed 10 minutes of heat in the wooden sauna down the hill followed by 3 minutes of an ice cold bath in her Yeti cooler. Yes, this was freezing, and when I found out I was only half way done, I thought how is that possible. The purpose of this part “uses cold and hot exposure to stimulate the muscular, cardio, and nervous system to provide us with renewed energy, improves immune function, decreases joint pain, and more.” Barton Springs which is 70 degrees year round has really lowered my body temperature, so I thought I got this! The hardest part was really my hands. We dried off again in the sun, and then sat by the pool to cool down (or heat up) a bit. Just when I least expected it, good ‘ole Leeann pops back outside with ANOTHER unbelievable surprise.

Yep, you guessed it, HOMEMADE almond flour cookies with Hu Kitchen chocolate gems. I don’t know how she incorporated everything I love in just a couple hours without even knowing me, but she did it, and I love her for that. A beautiful hill country day mixed with a new workout experience, water, and cookies. I love XPT! She offers workshops sporadically and you can also book private sessions. While she claims to be a pool builder (jk she is!), she deserves so much credit for the amazing class she put together and her knowledge of the programming and working with clients. You must try this if you are looking to spice things up or enjoy a fun, nontraditional day!

Book through her Facebook page where you will see different class options and pricesĀ here.