Vinegar Hill House

Vinegar Hill House is a quirky, cottage-like restaurant in Brooklyn made for those who just want to show up and grub without caring where they are “supposed” to be. The round bar is centered in the middle of the restaurant and wooden window with stain glass looms over the kitchen making it look like a real house. The restaurant is fuss free, and the brunch menu has only about ten options which are unique and not your average continental breakfast. The Eggs Benedict with Smoked Trout is my favorite. You can tell the extremely fluffy English Muffins are homemade  (if not, you fooled me and Wolferman’s).It actually makes all the difference as the bread soaks up the juices and flavors. The Chilaquiles are also delicious and can cure any hangover or Mexican food craving with the fried egg and crispy chips. Definitely skip the Zucchini Omelet. It looked pathetic all alone on the plate, and the goat cheese is overwhelming and too heavy.

Don’t just laugh that Fish Filet is on the menu, go for it. It looked legit and Kanye and Jay Z would totally get it. Vinegar Hill House is the kind of place that makes everything feel ok and allows you to forget everything else going on especially because there is nothing else around. With the combination of the old timey feel and the warm foods, you could stay forever and though brunch is pretty great it’s not for those you looking for something upbeat and showy.

***If you happen to stumble upon a wait, you can relax next door at their newly opened coffee/cafe shop Hillside where they serve drinks, sandwiches, pastries, etc.

Article Title: Vinegar Hill House

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Vinegar Hill House