Village Taverna Greek Grill

It’s hard to find a casual restaurant that has up to par food that is still affordable but a step above counter service like Grey Dog, but I found one: Village Taverna, You can walk in on any given night and snag a table, and on the flip side they have a built out take out counter in case that’s your jam for the night. This authentic Greek spot has daily Whole Fish on display to make you feel a little like they just caught them earlier that morning themselves. As soon as you hit your table, a plate full of triangular pita bread with giant olives and olive oil greets you. The menu is divided into every section you could possibly desire and might even have a little too many options. The hefty salads are filling and overflowing whilst the comfort food dishes look like the ideal winter meal for our future. The Horyatiki Salad is the best one in the city, and the tomatoes seriously taste like they are from the fertile region in Israel. It includes tomato, cucumber, feta, olives, green peppers, and red onions with olive oil vinaigrette.

Kotopoulo Skaras chicken
The Octopus appetizer is huge and almost seems never ending if you try it for your own entree. I like that they cut it up into smaller pieces for you for some reason. Not that I have trouble cutting my own food, but it somehow just makes it more fun and looks like you have more. The Kotopoulo Skaras chicken is also a large portion and protein packed. This makes for a good lunch or a healthy dinner when you just need that detox. The Horta greens are something I’ve never had and I’d definitely go back just for them.

There’s just something about that tomato, cucumber, pepper, olive, combo, ya know? I’m digging this place. It’s a safe, relaxing option and try not to look at all of the food around you or you’ll find yourself canceling that salad and ordering that Salmon.

This is a great option when you aren’t feeling very adventurous or just in the mood to order your own entree one night. You don’t have to splurge on trying everything your first time around because you’ll be back and the takeout is just as fresh which is always good to know. It’s nice to find a place you can count on last minute where you don’t have to plan ahead for a reservation or obsess over what you are going to get because you know you can always come back.