Uncle Boons

Uncle Boons is a cool underground spot lined with brick walls, wooden tables, and a big 8-top for big groups right when you pass the cozy bar leading into the restaurant. The decor seems eclectic and like it was all pulled together randomly, but it works so well and makes you feel connected to the Thai street cuisine. Picture frames line the walls and cute lanterns hang from the ceiling creating either romantic lighting or a fun unwinding dinner. The fact that there are pitchers of beer and wine on tap available, makes it exciting and amazing. It’s best to bring a big group here because besides the fact that it is accommodating, you can share all kinds of plates and don’t have to squash your dreams by only ordering a few of these crazy named dishes. You can try almost everything to get a feel for these ex Per Se chefs. The crab dip is an easy and light appetizer to start with as it’s a bit thick and paired with veggies instead of some carby chips or bread. I loved the Spicy Banana Chicken salad with coconut dressing and topped with cashews giving the tender meat a crunch. Those fearful of this yellow fruit, don’t worry you can’t taste it, and I never even saw it (might have been the wine). The Frog Legs special was not anything to reorder. The vegetables and slaw paired with it were actually more attractive than the meat. Loved the Crab Fried Rice, and it’s pretty comparable to Mission Chinese’s Salt Cod Fried Rice if you are looking for a reference in how good the rice is.IMG_5634Yum Kai Hua Pli: Spicy Roasted Chicken & Banana Blossom Salad with Crushed Cashew, Crispy Shallot & Coconut Milk Dressing¬† IMG_5651

My favorite dish by far was the Golden Curry with Chicken. This bad boy lit up our table, and it felt as if we had to fight to get another helping in because we all knew it was treasure. It has every texture in it from the crunchies on top to the creamy sauce to the soft egg noodles and then the chicken leg buried at the bottom. It is amazing, and yes, we ended up ordering another round. You know when waiters always tell you to order more and you say, “we’ll just start with this and order more if we need to” but then you never do? Well, this is an exception, and you might as well just begin with two because this gem is everything. Heck I’d even say you don’t need to order anything else because it’s just so awesome you want to save your stomach for it. The authentic Rotisserie Chicken is also a good one. It comes with a green slaw and a couple different thin dipping sauces. If you are with a large group, you’ll probably need two of these for the table.

IMG_5652Kai Yang Muay Thai: Rotisserie Chicken with Dipping Sauces and Green Mango Salad made famous in Muay Thai Boxing Arenas

One of the things I like best about Uncle Boons is that the flavors are full of heat and sweet. Every dish tastes different and each does a great job of supplying some vegetables. While they are plates for sharing, you each get several bites unlike places like Stanton Social where your like, “wait I didnt ever get one piece!” The vibe is chill yet cool at the same time, and you can feel like you are having a night out if you want one. There aren’t many Thai places in the city that give you this atmosphere, this quality of food and diverse menu that’s way more than Pad Thai. This is the kind of restaurant you leave feeling accomplished and like a winner. The bill doesn’t kill, it’s not overly trendy and you leave with a smile. That’s what it’s all about anyway isn’t it?

P.S. The Blowfish Tails ¬†are not as exciting as they sound. They are full of bones and just taste like fish that hasn’t been seasoned. Wah Wahhh.