Two Hands Bar & Restaurant

Everyone’s favorite avocado toast and Australian café, Two Hands, newer and larger Tribeca location makes the Nolita location look like a little sister. Well, maybe just more like a coffee shop than an actual restaurant which is what this new location serves for. Two Hands in Tribeca boasts beautiful and clean décor with great sunlight bouncing through the windows at the front. The bad news is that the wait time is still long on the west side, but the good news is the menu is better, there is more seating, and the bar area is a blast. Not to mention all the guys that work here are essentially from Australia wearing bright shirts (or at least when I was there) and super attractive. For Sunday brunch, the place is bustling before noon and customers have already participated in their yoga or spinning session. Everyone is here to get that avo toast with a side of that gorgeous Bloody juice cocktail which is Roast Tomato, Beetroot, Sherry, Horseradish and Vodka or Gin.

Give your number to the kind maître de who will then text you when your table is ready, and if you are a party of two, I highly recommend sitting at the bar. As with any restaurant it’s fun to get to know the staff and this is the best way to interact with them. Two Hands is also perfect for your gluten-free friend or your indulgent friend who wants to attack that burger. Salads, toasts, bowls, it’s basically every Instagram food trend inside one place in the quiet Tribeca hood. Go for the Gluten Free Ricotta pancakes regardless of your dietary needs. They are fluffy as can be, and although I thought I tasted a hint of coconut flour, the chef just uses a plain gluten free flour. Topped with maple syrup, ricotta, candy pecans, and pears, this should surely jump start your metabolism for the morning. It’s not too sweet as it’s balanced out with the ricotta. You know when you really want that short stack at brunch but you also don’t want to get an even worse hangover from all the heavy sugar and butter? Well, the move is to come here when you have that pancake and maple syrup craving because you still feel light and mobile after this guy.

I loved the Brassicas Bowl which also happened to be GF but did I wish it was a bit bigger. Definitely not something you can share with one other person unless you get one other hefty dish or two smaller light dishes. Anyway, the hummus is spread beautifully across the rim of half the bowl, and the kale with avocado, seeds, broccolini, shaved brussels sprouts, and a soft egg graces the rest of the bowl. I really liked this salad, and to be honest, I could eat this everyday and would do that if they opened salad chains across this city. It’s so much fresher and flavorful than the lunch chains I avoid. All in all, Two Hands is a great casual spot. No one is pushing you out of there, the staff is pretty content, you can wear whatever you want, and you’ll feel good about your order no matter what you settle on.