Where to Eat in New York City Right Now

When I lived in NYC from 2009-2016, I went to a new restaurant or bakery almost every single day it seemed (bakery for sure). With all my UT and high school friends switching off weekends visiting me, I was “responsible” and loved planning our dinners and brunches that it would make sense I’d go to a new spot at least 5 x in one weekend and buff up my restaurant resume.

Therefore, when I left the city 5 years ago, when I’ve come back to visit I like to mix up my time with some old favorites but always check out new ones. One weekend is never enough time so having THREE whole weeks this May made my eyes pop out and my chest giddy as I literally knew NOTHING or any new hot spots. Not to mention almost zero in Williamsburg/Greenpoint.

About two weeks, before I jetted back, I started reading Infatuation and Eater lists and “cheked” in with my trustworthy food and chef friends. What you’ll see below are my current top picks with a heavy hand leaning to Brooklyn restaurants – how FUN! I ate there probably only 3 x a year when I lived there, so to fill this list with chefs and spots from here is really exciting and eye opening. I’ll tell you what to order, why I loved it, and a few little diddy’s from my experience with my friends. I cannot rank in order of favorite but I will say the first 7 are my most memorable.

1. Nura (BK) – This was my last meal in New York and while I didn’t hear anyone talk about it, I peeked at the menu online and booked it because I loved the vegetable forward menu covered in herbs that read flavor. As soon as you walk in, it feels like a Mexico City style restaurant loaded with plants hanging from the ceiling over the back open kitchen and potted trees on the other side of the dining room. We started with the BREAD + DIPS, which honestly seems to be at every restaurant these days. The Parker House Roll and Naan were definitely the best breads I had at any of the Mediterranean restaurants this trip. Salty, doughy, soft, addicting. Hell yeah, I’m still so stoked we started that way. I loved the Roasted Carrots, Big Green Lettuces, Crunchy Coconut Rice, and even the Coffee Ice Cream (I NEVER like coffee ice cream) with the crumbly brownie chocolate cake. Our server even ended the night as if he knew me, dropping off some complimentary amaro and even unraveling the pin on the leather bottle to go on my denim jacket. I’ve begun to realize that while I am obsessed with food and always shoving the best tasting things in my mouth each day, it’s also a VERY emotional experience and whoever you are with can affect how things taste. I shared this meal with 3 gals that I met at our Todos Santos Yoga Retreat, and it was our first gathering since we met! We dove in talking our successes, dreams, goals for the next few months, and legit love for one another. Now, THAT is a treat that truly makes your tummy warm and full after dinner

2. Zou Zou (Hudson Yards) – This Mediterranean spot had the best actual DIPS. Damn, that Whipped Ricotta with Saffron Apricot ruled. The Carrot Muhammara, Ember-Roasted Eggplant stayed on the table throughout the entrees if that means anything.  So proud to see my old clients, Quality Branded, open this spot, the dining room took my breath away. It almost reminded me of a fancy place somewhere in Europe that seemed older but really just so gorgeous and casually lavish that you think it must have been around forever. We shared the Fattoush Salad – how fun to have pita chips in your greens!—I recommend the Chicken with crispy skin and tender meat, but my absolute favorite dish was the Roasted Sweet Potato with Hazelnut and Dukkah melted perfectly into it with blackened edges that allowed it’s insides to melt in your mouth. Perfect for big groups, you’ll want to share everything and the round tables and cozy booths make catching up ideal. No way will I eat in Times Square, so we dined here before seeing Funny Girl on Broadway and caught the subway about 20 min before the doors shut.

3. Lilia (BK) – An old favorite by Chef Missy Robbins who gave pasta a whole new game when she opened years ago, this place is always a classic and one I’ll revisit when I come back. Heck, I don’t even care about pasta in my daily life, but I love the dining room, and it is truly the best pasta I’ve had with such great vegetables and grilled fish as well. Get the Agnolotti as it’s pillowy, savory, and a little sweetness with the honey. The escarole really stood out, and the Grilled Sardines with a hunk of butter under the dill shocked me, but we still went in for it. I remember loving the Olive Oil gelato, but skip the chocolate chip cookie if you go to the daytime café.

4. Fra Dei (BK) – While I actually despise tasting menus (unless it’s sushi), my friend Angela didn’t let me get out of trying her favorite Fort Green spot. We went to a lovely live music yoga class down the street and scooted into our 8:45 p.m. dinner res here after. One of the owners is French and they offer a 5 course menu that changes every few weeks for $90 each and wine BTG for $16-$17. You don’t even get a menu, you sit down, order some house wine and they just start bringing you the most delicious dishes that are no fuss, not complex, but SO thoughtful and eye popping. The small vibe with probably less than 10 tables and a few bar seats feels exactly like France or Italy and you just know with the hip hop tunes, you are in for a treat. We indulged in the best tartare I’ve ever had (lamb I think?) with RAMPS. They were SO good—made the whole dish. The small but just right fish portion with greens, then pasta with white asparagus and trout roe, and the chicken was superb. This was one of my favorite dining evenings because it was an experience and not over the top or too much food. Loved the Sumenjak Pet Nat and Antico Amaro.

5. Rule of Thirds (BK) This was such a fun dinner! My old pal Adam Landsman who was in Operations at CATCH when I worked with them, started his own hospitality company and opened this Japanese izakaya spot in Greenpoint. It’s airy, a sharp clean design, and feels like a more mature and fun place to enjoy nice sake, cocktails, and stellar food. I went with a friend of a friend who I hadn’t met, and our taste buds aligned perfectly as we started spouting out or order. We loved the Tuna & Nori which is a giant ball of tuna that you wrap up yourself in the seaweed—great portion size! You might think it’s a waste but the Hot Honey and Yuzu Salad was actually one of my favorite things here as well as the tender Karaage with ginger soy. We skipped the entrees and dessert and went with the White Rice with a Soft Poached Egg and tried 4 of the Shochu cocktails. I’ve learned so much about sochu by working with Watertrade here in Austin and it’s even the most popular spirit in Japan. It’s different than sake in that it is distilled from barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, and rice. We tried it three ways: Neat, Rocks, and a Highball. Get the lemongrass one!

6. Laser Wolf (BK) – If you are a Zahav or Michael Solomonov fan, then this Philly outpost which newly opened in the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg is where you need to venture to immediately. Definitely the best dining experience from a view and unique service perspective. There are just enough seats tableside the ledge overseeing the East River and Manhattan buildings. Seeing the golden and pink sun set here on one side with the open flames and grill fire on the other side is just so unique and luxurious. I love how you barely have to order— every table gets the traditional Salatim which are vegetables to dip and spread on the fluffy homemade pitas. Then, each person chooses a grilled entrée (we got a Whole Fish, Tuna, and Short Rib), and the dinner is finished off with their creamy soft serve and sour cherries. Stay as long as you want to enjoy the views as you will feel high on life all the way up on this rooftop with the airy space. Also, I put myself on Resy’s Notify list for this and everyday something opened up, I also checked religiously like a game that I’m pretty sure I used this app more than Instagram that month. It works though, you’ll get in! 

7. Bonnie’s (BK) – I don’t think about manifesting actively, but it certainly happens to me in a way where sometimes I think I’m a witch. I had a top 10 list of places I wanted to hit while I was here that were nonnegotiable to help keep me sane and have some organization. Bonnie’s, a modern and fun Cantonese restaurant in Williamsburg, was at the top because a LOT of my Brooklyn friends told me it was so good or that it was #1 on their list and they couldn’t get in. Obviously, this made me want to eat there even more and I hadn’t even memorized the menu yet. My friend Anne Marie told me to meet her friend Alex while I was in town since she worked in restaurants and was planning to move to Austin later this year. We met [at Win Son], and as we were finishing up our lovely breakfast while talking about so many similar career paths, she told me she was eating at Bonnie’s that weekend. I told her she HAD to tell me how it was because it was the only restaurant I couldn’t get into. And just like that… she told me she was friends with Calvin the chef, put me in touch, and he SO kindly made space for me at the bar my last Saturday night in town. WHAT A STAR! I couldn’t believe before my eyes that not only did I get in last minute but I also got connected with Calvin who was so much fun to chat with at the restaurant and nominated for a James Beard award. Aside from the food, this was definitely the most fun restaurant. You can tell he takes care of his employees and cares so much because they are all smiling, dancing, having fun, and loving being in that dining room. Those are people you want to be around. Now onto the food: don’t miss the Long Beans, Shrimp (I guess I can stop saying I don’t like mayo because this was probably my favorite dish.)

8. Balthazaar (Soho) – You can’t come to New York and not go to a Keith McNally restaurant. I came here with my mom in college for the first time. You’ll see the same amount of locals, Europeans, and tourists here, and it never gets old. The food is also still great! I love the French Onion Soup, Omelet, and it was the place I accidentally fell in love with Bouillabaisse which is a fish stew and still their Friday special. He created so many trends and staples in the city such as the dish towels as napkins, messy mirrors in the bathrooms, communal sinks for men and women, raw bars, etc.


9. Gupshup (Gramercy) – This is a fun Indian restaurant I’d been wanting to try for a couple years. Located right by Gramercy Park, we dove in right before seeing Cut Copy at Webster Hall. The Paneer Cheese Rolls are what they are known for and they were fun and different with coriander pesto and chili mango chutney. Loved the traditional Chicken Biryani, and Saag Paneer, plus Paratha is always my favorite Indian bread. The Hot Like Kohli cocktail with tequila, mezcal, matcha, cilantro, mint, pear cordial, lime and chili salt was the best cocktail I had all trip!


10. Win Son Bakery (BK) – Every food person I trust, has been telling me to go here for years especially for the mochi donut. At this Taiwanese-American bakery and coffee shop, we shared the Millet Mochi Donut which had sugar dusted all over the outside, red date cake (which I’d skip next time), and the one and only scallion pancake egg and cheese sando with raclette cheese, caramelized onions, and mushrooms. This needs to be on a menu somewhere in Austin! Chef Calvin Eng from Bonnie’s used to work here.

11. Planta Queen (Flatiron) – is really the only fancy feeling plant-based restaurant I’ve been to that feels like it could be a special night out due to the Miami-style palm wall paper greenery and open kitchen. You’d never miss meat eating here as everything is so unique and flavorful. The Ahi Watermelon Spicy Tuna Roll made with slaw, avocado, gochujang, and peanuts was my favorite dish. Looking at it and even eating it you have no idea that it’s NOT tuna. It’s definitely a wild mind thing and tastes just like a tuna roll—no watermelon flavors at all. I also recommend the Sweet Corn dumplings with tom yum, cilantro, and chimichurri; Bao Sliders with “chicken” fried mushroom, hoisin, pickled cucumber; Udon Noodles with truffle mushroom cream and shaved black truffle. The coconut flavor tasted warm and comforting. 


12. Thai Diner (LES) – This restaurant which is owned by what used to be Uncle Boon’s is the main reason Thai food is my favorite cuisine. They made me like curry when I thought it wasn’t for me and exposed me to all kinds of dishes I now love and always eat in Austin. Massaman Golden Curry with the Chicken Leg is the best I’ve ever had here. The design is also so much fun here with some nods to Thailand and also a trendy New York City restaurant. Go for lunch if you can’t get in for dinner. Their outdoor dining area with black and white tiled floors is adorable. 


13. Wayla (LES) This Thai spot in the LES has cute side street box seating that feels private yet still fun. Inside is a little grungier but not in a negative way, in a more hipster with brick walls and low cielings, nooks, and crannies. Thai Diner is still my first choice in the city but if you need a back up go here and get the Khao Kra Pow which is Beef Fried Rice that I honestly ate way too much of. I thought the whole fish would be my favorite dish as usual, but no this rice with basil was the best. Try the Pad Prik Khing String beans as well.

14. Nami Nori (Multiple Locations) – If you love raw fish and want to try something new, the temake sets here create an entirely new experience. It’s a bit more expensive than you can find sushi otherwise. 


15. Ernesto’s (LES) – I’m never really jonesing for Spanish food mostly because I don’t eat a lot of pork and they always have that prosciutto wrapped around everything. I came here with one of my music friends from UT who manages some of the best bands out there! I love that she took me somewhere I hadn’t heard of and off the beaten path in the LES. Under the “To Nibble” section, this Toastas de Gambas was a delicious shrimp toast with crustaceans on a piece of bread. Mmm. My absolute favorite thing here though was the Bikini Hemingway with shrimp, cheese, honey, and I think even anchovies. Honestly, you could come here and order these 4 toast points just for yourself and call it a day with some Spanish wine. It’s SOO crunchy. The name of the game here is shrimp. Do not get the Veggie Plate. So what I make a mistake every now and then!

16. Frankel’s (BK) This hip Jewish style deli right by Mccaren Park in Greenpoint is actually owned by Holy Ghost’s Alex Frankel, a band I saw at Bowery Ballroom years ago on Halloween. Right before I moved back to Austin, I strutted in while I was in the hood and took a postcard that says “You don’t have to be Jewish to love Frankel’s” which still resides on my current fridge. I finally got a taste this last trip. I got the Whitefish Salad on a Challah Bread toasted and hung out with my thick sandwich on a park bench. So New York of me. I def want that juicy looking pastrami egg sandwich on a bagel next time.


17. Bar Pisellino (West Village) – Owned by the chefs of Sodi and Via Carota, this aperitivi bar is the most Italy thing I’ve ever seen outside of Italy. The décor, aperol spritz’s everywhere that come with the typical Castelvetrano olives, amari, vermouth, and counter full of little sandwiches and mini sweet breads to go with your espresso is enough for me to put this on my favorite list even though it’s not a restaurant. It’s an experience (that transported me all the way to the Amalfi Coast) and that’s what I aim to find the best of.

18. Raoul’s (Soho) – This famous French bistro in Soho has been around since the 1970’s, and we just so happened to sit next to a couple in their 60’s who had dined their on their first date and came back for more. The bartender dresses in an old timey spiffy “bartender” bowtie and vest and protects the cold martini glasses all night. Known for their Au Pouvoir burger that’s only available at the bar and about 10 a night so you have to get there asap if you want one. I think it’s a little too peppery for me, but it was cooked medium rare just like I like it and the exact right thickness. Also enjoyed some oysters and green beans. The art here is lovely, and you can’t get a better dining room.


19. Malibu Farms (South Street Seaport) – If you are looking for somewhere healthy and that everyone can get along with the menu down at the South Street Seaport, this is the ticket! What a joy walking along the pier looking at the boats, the gorgeous architecture of the old buildings, and the Brooklyn bridges. Order the Build Your Own Fish Tacos and Kale Caesar Salad. 

20. Mokbar (Chelsea Market) – I used to visit Chelsea Market every weekend when I first moved to NYC just to explore and as entertainment I guess. It’s a great place to take visitors and is truly the first food market that ever existed before food halls became so popular. While the vendors and outposts have changed over the years, Mokbar remains one I crave when you need an easy place for lunch that’s fresh. Go for the Ho’ Cake which is a crispy bun filled with pork belly and a kimchi pear dippin sauce (almost seems like a fried thicker scallion pancake stuffed sandwich) Tuna Poke, Bibimbap with pulled ginger chicken and purple rice.

21. Kotobuki (East Village) – Now when you need a quick sushi hit for lunch or a casual dinner, this east village spot offers SO much food. For $17 at lunch you earn a sushi and sashimi combo platter with a few pieces of rolls. Walk away feeling like you stole the place!

22. Blue Ribbon Sushi (West Village) – My number 1 sushi spot I have to visit every time I go back. It hits all the marks as far as ambiance, service, and I get the exact same thing every time. All I ever want is a sushi and nigiri combo plate and some extra tuna toro pieces that make me stand up and do a jig upon first bite. It’s also one of the more afforable sushi places that has a nicer vibe. No need to go all in on an omakase somewhere else.

23. Springbone (Multiple) – Because when you’ve eaten as much as I have, be kind to yourself and have a bone broth for breakfast one day.

24. Shuka (Soho) – This Mediterranean restaurant is from one of my favorite groups and opened Shuka where Hundred Acres in Soho used to be. It’s airy, good for big groups, and feels like a farm house. Start with any of the dips, def get the Fried Halloumi, Falafel, or the Shakshuka at brunch.

25. Pastis & 26. Minetta Tavern (Meatpacking + Greenwhich Village) – Two more Keith McNally restaurants that I’m looping together in one because I love both of their burgers. Go to Pastis in the Meatpacking District if you want to feel like Sex & The City era. The burger here gets the job done, the fries are super salty, and the side salad is satisfying. Go here for great people watching and if you’ve never been to New York. Now, for my favorite burger in all of the city go to the darker more masculine Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village. Now listen to me here. People write about going for the $38 Black Label Burger that’s made with prime dry-aged beef cuts. I, however, swear by the Minetta Burger at $30 which has cheddar and caramelized onions. This is where I learned that caramelize onions are the one and only topping that I need on my burger. Why don’t more restaurants have this? It’s perfect.

27. Baba Cool (BK) – This is a casual, easy to miss spot located in both Williamsburg and Fort Greene. While you might look at the menu and think you can make all of these bowls at home, nothing tastes better than someone else making you lunch. This is the place to go when you want something healthy, tasty, and memorable. If I lived in Williamsburg for real, I’d go to Good Day Pilates, and then meet a friend for lunch here weekly! They also have a cute back patio set up with a disco ball and comfy lounge area that feels like you are on vacation. Get the Bag Bowl with roasted butternut squash or the Jo Bowl with sweet plantains and coconut curry slaw. Always add salmon.

28. Cafe Spaghetti (BK) -Heavy, cheesy pastas aren’t usually my first preference when looking for a restaurant, but when in need of some rich Italian, I’d stop for dinner at Cafe Spaghetti. The Fussili Grosso Alla Bolognese is the coziest red sauce I have ever had, perfectly al dente and just the right amount of ragú to make your belly warm. I’m also a huge fan of the Ceasar Salad, so don’t skip it! This place feels like you’re in the middle of Italy with their tiny indoor bar filled with Aperol. A big plus is they have one of the largest outdoor dining patios I’ve seen in New York.

29. Brasserie Fouquet (Tribeca) – This spot feels like one of those places you’d run into the Real Housewives of Tribeca or a big company’s CEO. You’ll find yourself scanning the room to see if you recognize other diners as you settle into your big red booth. The service is a tad slower than I would expect given the menu prices, but the Cheeseburger with the Macaroni & Cantal Cheese and a side of the French Onion Soup is worth it. Fouquet’s is the type of restaurant you go to with your girlfriends when you’re visiting NYC and want the full “New York” experience.


While I didn’t visit them this last time, my other all time favorites are: Restaurant Marc Forgione, Quality Eats, Cookshop for Brunch, Cervo’s, Scalinatella, Joseph Leonard!



30. Ceremonia Bakeshop (BK) – When my friend Mike and I get together, we hard core talk about food for the first 30 minutes before even getting close to talking about our daily lives. If Mike tells me he wants to take me to try a cookie, I don’t ask any questions, I leap. I didn’t read anything about Ceremonia Bakeshop really anywhere or hear about it from anyone else which is a crime! This was the best cinnamon roll, a thin sea salt chocolate chip cookie filled with lots of chocolate, a mochi muffin, and beautiful looking sprinkle cookies and mini sweet bread loaves. Don’t miss it if you are in the Williamsburg hood.


31. Chip City vs. 32. Levain (Multiple Locations) – It’s quite silly to say such a thing, but I feel like I discovered Levain Bakery’s giant chocolate chip cookies before the internet. My first visit was the summer I interned in NYC in 2009. I ate two monstrous cookies from the only location at the time in the UWS on my last day living there. When I moved back, I made the trek up there monthly to get my fix. Over the last few years, people would text me every time they ate one because they knew they were my favorite. Then my favorite switched to City Cakes when I felt like they weren’t as consistent (it was really two times that I had more walnuts than chocolate chips in my cookie….). Anyway, I love their chocolate peanut butter cookie as well, but I was just fooled with a taste test at a friend’s dinner party, and I actually like Chip City better now. While they don’t have as good of a background story or emotion in their stores, I choose Chip City now! Same chunky cookie style, but a little better flavor with no nuts.


33. Martha’s Country Bakery (BK) – This is a typical “deli style” New York spot, where you see the glass cases full of food, except this one is just dessert. I have never seen a never ending row of every single dessert you could possibly imagine as wild as this insane place. I giggled nonstop as soon as I set foot in (it was also my 2nd day back after a year so the sugar excitement spilled out quickly). Cakes, cookie jars, cheesecakes, fruit pies, mini tarts, cake pops, danishes, pound cake, ice cream. I’m serious, this place is CRAZY. I got the toffee chocolate chip cookie and it did me just fine. 

34. Caffe Panna (Gramercy) – This is my favorite gelato or ice cream in all of New York. Besides the fact that I love the creative flavor options, it’s just the right amount of creamy to frozen texture. It’s not as milky or heavy as Bambina Blue Gelato, and they have oreo and pretzel crumbs as toppings! It doesn’t hurt that the founder’s father is the most esteemed restauranteur in NYC, Danny Meyer. Go team!


35. Bambina Blue Gelato (Nolita) – From the owners of Israeli restaurant next door, 19 Cleveland, this gelato spot is colorful, instagramy, and almost feels like a kids birthday party show. The flavors are out of this world and unlike anywhere else with huge mounds of toppings. It’s very creamy, milky, and extra rich compared to Caffe Panna. Flavors include: Cotton Candy, Halva Fistuk, Kindless Bueno, Miso Brownies, Movie Night (Salted Popcorn Gelato + M&M’s), Big Fat Greek Wedding (Greek Yogurt Gelato, Blueberries, Olive Oil), Brown Butter & Co.

36. Daily Provisions (Multiple Locations) – While we all know City Cakes has been my favorite chocolate chip cookie in NYC for the last 10 years, I can’t believe I’m saying it but Daily Provision’s Sea Salt Caramel Cookie has officially taken its place. It’s soft in all the right places, might even break as you fondle the package, and has huge chunks of sea salt and melty chocolate with just enough space to taste the actual cookie part, too. LOVE THAT CARAMEL sliding through but not taking over enough to not be able to call it a chocolate chip cookie. Yes, that’s how passionate I am about chocolate chip cookies.

37. Milk Bar (Multiple Locations) – I spent every weekend walking a mile to the only location of Milk Bar in the East Village back in the day. Each treat was fresh in the bakery case or in a cookie jar. They’d cut a slice of their pies and cakes. Now, Christina Tosi has flourished and found a way to grow the business especially through the famous naked layered Birthday Cake! Right now, I like the birthday cake truffles more than the cookies, and the ice cream that they sell at grocery stores is also WOW.


38. City Cakes (Chelsea) – While my favorite cookie monster and owner Marc moved his teency weency underground cookie and cake shop to a larger space in Chelsea, the half-pound cookies are still delicious. The edges are thick and crisped enough so you are really biting into it.  The center is soft with equal amounts of chocolate spread through out. You won’t know what hit you after you eat this big guy. I also like the Red Velvet.

39. L Apartament 4F (BK) – Now this is a good story. My friend Sarah sent me the Instagram for this place saying this was a couple that make mini croissants out of their house and blew up on TikTok. They were about to open a brick-and-mortar bakery and I perused the Instagram seeing the gooeyest looking raspberry almond croissants + tahini chocolate chip cookies. It was too far from my apartment and I was planning on seeing my new friend Lyznie that day who just so happened to live right next to the bakery! This blessed soul picked up some treats for me and made my dream come true. Apparently, now the line is ages long so you have to get there early. The croissant is worth it!

40. Mister Dips  – The original location is at the top of the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, but I finally snagged a peanut butter hard shell soft serve cone at the South Street Seaport location.

41. Serendipity This just has to be on the list because it’s every child’s dream to eat a piece of cake that can barely fit on the table or a frozen hot chocolate that is somewhere between a milkshake, icey, and ice cream. Go for the cookies ‘n cream Frozen Hot Chocolate as I like that better than the Chocolate Cake which is a bit dry but the fudge on it rocks. This place is a sugar zoo with kids, and it made me giddy and such a delight to eat with my friend Juliet and her daughter, Avie, who likes food just as much as us! Also, the Caesar Salad, Chicken Tenders, and Fries are actually good.

42. From Lucie (East Village)– I had been hearing about this adorable bakery (and seeing the long line on Instagram) for a while, so on my last visit to the city, I had to see what the hype was all about! I walked down to the bakery at 3:15 p.m. on a Thursday and was able to walk right in and have my choice of cake. This tower of chocolatey deliciousness has so many textures with icing, pistachios, dense cake, and it made me SO happy.  Since I didn’t see a line or anything, I’d say go in the afternoon and be prepared to pay $13 for a slice of cake covered in flowers and love.


Places I didn’t get to visit during my 3 week stint but are on my list and should be on yours:

Fish Cheeks – Thai on Bowery

Leo – Pizza in BK

L’Industrie – Slice in BK

Wen Wen – Taiwanese in Greenpoint

Shukette – Mediterranean 

Dame – Soho

Semma – Indian

Ci Siamo –  Italian Hudson Yards

Bicicleta Bakery – French pastries in BK

Whipped – Oat milk ice cream in LES

Anita Gelato – Flatiron or UES