The Standard Grill at The Standard Meatpacking Hotel

The Standard is one jewel in Manhattan whose scene is everlasting and consistently thriving. There is so much happening on this property such as: a banging bar scene, happening dining room, rowdy outdoor German Biergarten, wild Sunday night Bingo and even an Ice Skating Rink during winter. As far as the food and beverage situation goes, the Penny Drop cocktail comes in a brass cup making the drink even more showy and fun to drink and it’s garnished with a delicious dried ginger. The burger gets the job done, but The Deal Closer dessert dominates the entire menu. Served in a huge mixing bowl full of chocolate cake layers stuffed between rich chocolate moose, whipped cream and chocolate shavings, I’m pretty confident that it’s the best chocolate dessert in New York City. Don’t worry you also get your own spatula to devour this decadent dessert with, and it’s impossible to stop eating all the while it’s never ending. You will dream about this for the rest of your life and please order it. Despite the fact that you might be “full,” there is always room for this masterpiece. Make sure you have a reservation if you want to sit down in the dining room, otherwise the cocktail tables in the bar are first come first serve, and it’s a pretty entertaining target spot.

All in all, The Standard is a blast. Everyone is looking to fancy one another and have a good time. Take your friends here to impress, come when you’re lonely and need a pick-me-up and come in your best dress. Beware of the unmarked bathroom (women on the left, men on the right).  In addition, André Balaz just purchased and opened The Standard East Village (the old Cooper Square Hotel space), so once the restaurant space is redone, this place should be poppin’ bottles just like this West side adult “jungle gym.”

***Check out the view of the hotel here.