The Meatball Shop (UES)

How many more Meatball Shops can this duo open? I mean what’s crazier the fact that they are opening in basically every neighborhood or the fact that they are all completely packed at all times? The newest shop to open goes to the Upper East Siders and guess what they have an exclusive brunch menu. This location seems to be one of the biggest and like all, the jams they play are bangin’. Due to its location there are all age ranges popping in here just to get some good ‘ole meatballs. Families, bros, singles at the bar, groups of girls, etc. You can find them all here which makes this concept kind of a phenomenon, but then again the prices, array of meatball dishes and fresh vegetable options are what drive traffic.


IMG_6786I finally had my chance to try the Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad that every human being I know orders or picks up at least once a week. Damn. Why is the salad so good? I mean even the plain Arugula Salad with apples is amazing and memorable from my very first visit at the Lower East Side location 4 years ago. It’s fun that you don’t know what the fresh vegetables of the day are going to be and regular meatballers can have a chance to mix it up. I will say I am a huge red sauce fan when it comes to meatballs or pasta but I tried the pesto with chicken meatballs in the salad and the pesto is smashing. I loved it. I didn’t even miss the red sauce a little. It goes so well with all of the vegetables as well. The Chicken Meatballs are fine for the sake of the salad but by themselves they aren’t a wow factor because they aren’t very moist or delicate like beef/pork meatballs usually are. It’s ok though because it’s still good.

On the new brunch menu is Balls, Biscuits & Gravy, Balls Benedict, Breakfast Sandwich with a Fried Egg on a Brioche Bun with American Cheese, Eggs Florentine and Smash Bun French Toast. You can also get a biscuit on the side for $3, and you should. It’s actually a bit peppery/spicy which is why it goes will with gravy and the meatballs. The Egg Florentine orderer was a bit disappointed with his order as the eggs didn’t seem to be cooked right but hey they just started serving brunch so give ’em a break. The French Toast looks awesome but no one took one for the team and skipped a meatball order. Although, our pushy waitress kept trying to make us order it with a side of meatballs. Ok, no thanks.

Overall, it’s the same game y’all. You use that little dry erase marker to pick your choice of ball, sauce, sandwich, plate, salad, etc. and there you get your crafted meatball order and walk out with a tab most likely under $15. It’s truly impressive and magical. Then you can head over the Central Park or the Reservoir for a post brunch walk.